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Wisdom, reality and spirit of virtues - Vie with each other in virtues, avoid evil


Peace be upon you.
Peace and mercy of Allah be on you.....Allah the Exalted tells believers, your goal should always be ‘fasatabequl khairat’ i.e. you should always make effort to move ahead of each other in virtues. Allah the Exalted pronounced that, doers of virtuous deeds as the best creature, as said, ‘innallazina aamanu wa amelussalehate olaeka humul khairul bariyya’ i.e, surely the people who believed and did virtuous deeds these are the best creature.

Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) explains about this verse that human should fulfill his obligation, and make progress in virtuous deeds.

So doing and progressing in virtuous deeds make a believer a real believer. We should always make effort for it.

For our guidance, in the light of Quran and Hadith, Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) has explained a lot about it. For example, what is virtue, how the real virtue can be achieved. Why belief in God the Exalted is essential to do virtue. What should be the level of belief and how we can we increase this level. By which means, virtue is done. What are various aspects of virtue. What are kinds of virtues. How Allah the Exalted rewards doer of virtues. To do permitted things in moderation is virtue; doing more than it, lessens virtue. How much, a momin should widen circle of his virtues...In short, he (a.s.) has mentioned subject of wisdom, reality and spirit of virtues at various occasions by various angles.

Elucidating as to what is virtue, and explaining that even an apparently minor virtue makes one worthy of the pleasure of Allah the Exalted. He (a.s.) states: Virtue is a ladder to rise towards Islam and God. But keep in mind, what is virtue. Satan misleads people in every way and leads them astray from the path of Truth. For example, at night, the bread was made (for someone) more than needed. At morning, it remained left over. Next day, good foods are present before him (someone) at time of meal. Yet a bite is not taken, a beggar called at door and asked for bread. Meal-eater said, give the left over bread to seeker. Will it be virtue? Left over bread was to stay, why meal lover was to eat it. Allah the Exalted says: Translation: And they feed, for love of Him, the poor, the orphan, and the prisoner....It should be known too that, ta’am is favourite food, decayed and left over is not ta’am. In short, still fresh, delicious and favourite food is present in plate, eating is not started, if some food is taken out at beggar’s call, it is virtue......(So one should rise up to such extent. Effort should be done to do real virtue.)


And how this virtue is produced; this virtue can not be produced without perfect Eman (belief) at God the Exalted). Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) explains it: It is essential for the real virtue that there should be Eman in the Being of God because worldly rulers do not know that, what one does in house and what is act of one behind the curtain..... (There should be Eman (belief) at being of God the Exalted and he Eman (belief) should be that Allah the Exalted watches everything. He knows unseen) ..... Although if one admits virtue by tongue but whatever he keeps in his heart, he does not have fear of our accountability by us. And there is none among worldly governments whose fear in human is same in each state; in night and in day, in dark and in light, in privacy and congregation, in unpopularted place, in populated places, in house in bazaar.......(sometimes human works in hiding, in various conditions, and he thinks that apparently no one is seeing him, thus he has no fear, and because of this fearlessness he does wrong acts. Only Allah the Exalted knows everything. So, to do real virtue, Eman (belief) in Allah the Exalted is very essential.) ....... Thus, for correction of morals, Eman at such Being is necessary, Who is Watcher and Witness of person’s actions, his deeds and secrets of his bosom in each state and all the time....(And it is none except being of God the Exalted.)


Thus if Eman (belief) of this level exists, Allah the Exalted is remembered all the times, only then human can do real virtue.


Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) further explains about real virtue: The meaning of Taqwa is to avoid fine paths of evil. But remember, virtue is not it that a person say I am virtuous because I have not taken anyone’s wealth, have not burglarized, have not theft, I do no cast evil eye, do not fornicate. Such virtue is laugh-able according to an Aarif (spiritually knowledgeable) because if he (person) does these evils, and does theft and dacoit-ness, he will be punished. So it is not a valuable virtue in the eyes of Aarif. But the real and actual virtue is that he should serve humanity and show perfect sincerity and loyalty in the way of Allah the Exalted and should be ready to give up life in His path. That is why here it is said, innallaha ma’allazinattaqo wallazina hum mohsenoon. i.e. Allah the Exalted is with those who avoid evil and do virtues along with it. Remember it well, only avoiding evil is not any good matter unless one does virtues with it. There may be many people who have never fornicated, murdered, theft and burglarized. Despite it, they have not shown any model of sincerity and loyalty in the path of Allah the Exalted or did not do any service to humanity. Ignorant is the person, who count him (the one who avoids bad thing) in virtuous people by presenting these things because these are bad-doings. Only with such thought, one does not join Friends of Allah......It is not matter of pride that a person should become happy only at thing that he does not fornicate or he did not murder, did not make theft. Is it an excellence that he is proud of not doing bad things, actually he knows if he does theft, hand will be cut, or according to current law he will be imprisoned. According to Allah the Exalted Islam is not name of such thing that one should only avoid bad work, but until one adopts virtues by leaving evils, he cannot live in this spiritual life. Virtues are like food, as one cannot live without food, likewise he does not adopt virtue, it is nothing.


What should be the level of Eman in God the Exalted. It will be obtained when apparent and actual is same, Eman should not be external only. As one has surety that a poison hurts and kills, if person can be killed by putting hand in burrow of snake. One should have surety about being of God the Exalted if one does evils, He is always watching, one will be punished, He grants reward of virtues as He said... From each act of person, it should be manifested that person cares about Being of Allah the Exalted. Every moment, this should be in conscience-ness that God the Exalted is seeing my each work.

Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) says: Actually virtuous is the one whose external and internal is same, whose heart and outside is same, he walks on earth like angel. An atheist is not under such a government that he can achieve good morals. All results are produced by Eman, thus no one put finger in hole of snake, after knowing it. When we know a certain amount of streknia (poison) is killer, then we believe it is killer. And the name of this Eman is that we shall not bring it to mouth, and shall be saved from dying...For sure understand that real root of each purity and virtue is to believe in God the Exalted. As much person’s Eman in Allah is weak, by same proportion, weakness and laziness in good deeds is found. But when Eman is strong, and Allah the Exalted with all His perfect attributes is believed for sure, by same proportion, change of amazing kind is developed in person’s deeds. The believer of God the Exalted cannot have power to do sin because this Eman cuts organs of his powers-of-self and sin. Look, if one’s eyes are removed how can he do evil-seeing by eyes and how will he do tsin of eyes. And similarly, if hands are cut how can he do sins which are related to those organs. Exactly like it, when person is in state of nafse-mutmaenna (satisfied-with-God), then nafse-mutmaenna makes him blind and power of sin do not stay in his eyes; he sees but he does not see (i.e. does not see with evil-eye).... Because eye sight is seized (i.e. sight of greed, evil, unallowed sight is finished).....he has ears but he is deaf and he cannot hear things of sin. Likewise, his all nafsani (low self) and shahwani (sensual) powers and internal organs are cut. A death takes places to all his powers, by which sin could have taken place; he is fully like a dead body and is only under desire of God the Exalted, he cannot take a step without Him. This is the state when there is true Eman is in God the Exalted. And the result of which is that perfect satisfaction is given to him. It is that purpose which should be true purpose of human....(It should be our target, we have to expel and avoid all kind of bad things from our minds, eyes, ears.)....Our Jama'at needs this, and needs perfect Eman to get perfect satisfaction. So the first duty of our Jama'at is that it should acquire true Eman (belief) in God the Exalted.

Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah the Exalted help him) said, this the target which Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) gave to us that when there is true Eman (belief), good deeds will be done, only then we shall join the group ‘fastabequl khairat’ (vie with each other in doing good) and we shall be counted in ‘khairul bariyya’ (best of the creature).

Reference, based on : Friday Sermon: Vie with each other in good deeds
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