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Why the Egyptian gods always hold the Ankh (Coptic Cross)

Rainbow Mage

Lib Democrat/Agnostic/Epicurean-ish/Buddhist-ish
The Ankh, though commonly believed to be a Christian symbol, is actually much older in it's origin. The symbol is a type of cross that represents eternal life, and the gods are almost always depicted holding one, because of their association with being able to grant their devotees life.

The Ankh is often shown in iconography being held by a god to the mouth of the devotee, so that they can kiss it. This symbolizes the idea that the god can grant their devotee eternal life.

Below are just a few images of the Ankh from ancient Egypt






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I have known that for quite some time.
I have already met a friend using one of those as a necklace and told her it was a pagan symbol. She was like "WHAT?!". :D


Ancient Egyptomaniac
Crux Ansata

A cross derived from the ankh and adopted as a symbol by the early Coptic Christians.