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Which books on magic would you recommend?


Hindu Wannabe
Dear forum,

I am looking for any good books on magic you would recommend. The best I‘ve discovered so far is The Ritual Magic Workbook by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki. I concur with her view of magic as a philosophy, a mystical path requiring a lot of introspection to make you discover what you truly want.

Which books did you find inspiring?


One Accepts All Religious Texts
Premium Member
Which books did you find inspiring?
Depends which type of Magic we want to understand?

As a Being who comes from a place beyond form, Oneness gets Aleister Crowley, and others who teach Magick; yet they use their Will too much ("I Am" consciousness), which leads to shadow waves splashing back, and unless we are a Master of Maya, it is always doomed to failure.

Personally would say the most advanced magic we can learn, is how reality really functions...

Which is why I keep putting the forms of Yoga & Chakras aligned, with the dimensional quantum physics from the I-Ching, and 10 Commandments combined as Jacob's Ladder for ascension.

As when we learn inner meditation to the art of advanced Mudra Magic; the rest comes naturally, the art is in the inner technique.

In my opinion. :innocent:
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Wurlitzer Oz

Chaos Magick
Well... as an interesting peek into Chaos Magick, I really enjoy "The Blood of the Saints", "The Urn", and "A Desert of Roses".

Franz Bardon's books on Hermeticism for something different from the same old Golden Dawn stuff.

The "Quareia" material for a contemporary take on Hermeticism.


Turned to Stone. Now I stretch daily.
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The Hammer

Premium Member
I would say to take a peek at Raymond Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft. It is Wicca heavy which I don't normally recommend, as it is not my personal cup of tea, it does have good beginners magickal rituals and information.


Turned to Stone. Now I stretch daily.
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Devil Worshiper
For beginners?
"The Psychonaut Field Manual" by Bluefluke
"Liber Kaos" by Peter J Carroll
"Modern Magick" by Donald Michael Kraig

Specific works for the adept?
"The Infernal Colopatiron" by S. Connolly
"The Liber Falxifer" series produced by the N.A-A.218 current.
"The Voudon-Gnostic Workbook" by Michael Bertiaux

For the well-practiced novice that's somewhere in-between?
"Qabalah, Qliphoth, and Goetic Magic" by Thomas Karlsson
"The Book of Grimoires" by Claude Lecouteux
"The Draconian Ritual Book" by Asenath Mason

The book I personally found the most inspiring that isn't listed here is "The Deplorable Word" by Constantine Charagma and Erica Frevel. It has its flaws. It's rather edgy, I don't agree with all of it, and the system it advocates for isn't very complex. However, it's dripping with presence, and I keep finding myself going back to it because it's still one of the darkest tomes I own in a way that's hard to define. It's a very unique work.