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What Relatively Small Things Brighten Your Day?

Sand Dancer

Crazy Cat Lady
I woke up this morning to a text from my best friend saying, "Hey, I love you. Just wanted you to know!" That colored my entire morning with the grin I had when I read her words. I felt overwhelming gratefulness for having her in my life.

What relatively small things brighten your day?

Nice! Any text/call/email from friends, a bath, mail, my cats' purring, my husband being anywhere on the planet, sunshine, music, dancing, my son smiling. More I am sure...

Sand Dancer

Crazy Cat Lady
Cooking, and then eating with family.

Joking and conversation with family.

Playing board games, cards, trivia, etc. with family.

Playing with my son, seeing him laugh and smile.

Listening to music while reading.

Sitting around a fire.

Listening to rain/thunder.

Cleaning/organizing around the house.

Cooking is good but it makes my day when others do it.

Sand Dancer

Crazy Cat Lady
A lot of the same mentioned in the thread like food, beautiful weather, family and friends checking in.

I've also been on a fancy bath kick. I stated Epson soaks to help with chronic muscle soreness but lately been adding in bath oils, bath bombs and even lighting some candles and I definitely see the appeal.
Smell is a big emotion tied sense.

Me too!!! Aromatherapy is a nice addition.