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What kind of UU are U?

Green Gaia

Veteran Member
My results:

#1 Buddhist
#2 Native American Spirituality
#3 Pagan
#4 Humanist
#5 Atheist
#6 Unitarian
#7 Christian

No surprise really.... :woohoo:


Veteran Member
Maize, I gotta say I didn't like the poll because it was too short and the questions too general but I ranked
1) buddism
2) pagan
3) humanist
4) untarian
5) native american
6) atheist
7) Christian


The Devil's Advocate
I agree with robtex that the questions were too few and too vague. Having said that however, I got some unexpected results:
#1 Native American Spirituality
#2 Buddhist
#3 Pagan
#4 Unitarian
#5 Humanist
#6 Atheist
#7 Christian

If I were going to rank myself, it would have been:
#1 Unitarian
#2 Buddhist
#3 Pagan
#4 Humanist
#5 Native American Spirituality
#6 Christian
#7 Atheist

Actually, it would have been Unitarian, Hindu, Buddhist, Pagan, Jew, Humanist, Christian ...but Hindu and Jew weren't options.

Feathers in Hair

World's Tallest Hobbit
Okay, I'm not sure if I'm officially a UU (well, I probably can't be, since I don't attend church there, come to think of it) I've always respected their beliefs. (It's easy to respect beliefs when they fit exactly what you think, hehee!) So, with honor to the true UUer's here, I still took the test.

1. Pagan
2. Native American Spirituality
3. [font=Arial, Helvetica]Buddhist (Why did the font just change color?! I'm worried now.)
4. Unitarian
5. Atheist
6. Humanist

Quite frankly, I was suprised that my score for Christianity was so low. You'd think that being raised in a religion would effect you, especially if you aren't rebelling or dismissing that religion as not being valid. I was also suprised that I scored 'higher' in Atheism versus Christianity. Doesn't believing in several gods and godesses make a person even further from being an athiest? (Again, not that I'm dismissing atheism, either.) After all, you'd be not believing in several dieties, as opposed to simply not believing in one. Hmm... Maybe I'm putting to much thought into this.