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What is your spirit animal?


Veteran Member
I put this in paranormal discussion forum, because it is believed that spirit animals do influence human beings.

I was born April 11th, 1987, so my spirit animal is a cheetah.

It says it here:

I would have rather been a leopard, because of Dionysus wearing leopard skin (and riding a leopard), and my association of Philomena with leopard skin, and Dionysus coincidences, but I guess leopard and Cheetah are very similar looking, no?

Would you say the animal that most closely resembles a leopard is probably a cheetah?

I had a girl in an institution tell me that she thought my spirit animal was a wolf, because when she looked at me she kept having visions of a wolf.

That was before considering that the founders of Rome drank milk from the breasts of a capitoline She Wolf, the spirit who led me into Shinto, her mother's maiden name was Deeb, (which is Arabic for wolf), and the highest Kami in Shinto , is sometimes depicted as a She Wolf, and the word for Wolf in Japanese is Okami (Kami means God). I would often begin my prayers with "Oh Kami, please grant..." Not knowing that I was saying "Wolf" (the boy who cried wolf!)

What is your spirit animal?


Veteran Member
To the left is a cheetah

The leopard looks more cool, right?