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What does Polytheism mean to you?


Well-Known Member
Firstly, let's get over this "minority belief" nonsense. If you count everyone up, about 30% of the world are polytheists. That makes us the second largest group after the Christians. On the other hand, it does mean being being the target of prejudice and discrimination from some monotheists.

Since people experience many gods, polytheism just means accepting reality instead of the claims of some prophet, who was probably several sandwiches short of a picnic.

Some-one has asked how we deal with the different attitudes of different gods. Well, how do you deal with the different attitudes of the humans in your life? They too may have different likes and attitudes. Since the gods are naturally wiser than humans, they are not going to behave like pushy parents!

The fact that we don't have some exclusive god declaring what is right and what is wrong enables us to take a more tolerant attitude to people. Mind you, I'm not one for tolerating anyone who seeks to interfere in my life!


رسول الآلهة
Polytheism means the uncertainty of life and the absolute ignorance we have of anything beyond our eyes and ears. People argue for a perfect singular god who resides over a chaotic world it cannot understand or manipulate. Yet polytheism is very perspective of the world and witnesses this chaos as the product of opposition and multiplicity.

Because it takes one man to exist and do nothing but two can love/hate and battle each other
For example, we know that polytheism at its core is the honoring of many gods. What does that really mean? How does it impact our relations with the world? How does it change our approach to religion and ritual?
When we say that there are many Gods we are making a true God Who is one Who identifies with human beings that are created in His likeness to be a human like us. Its actually insulting, but catches heat like wildfire. Perfection is in divine oneness. Perfect standards and ability is also in oneness.