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What are the foundational beliefs of New Age?

I'm on a spiritual journey of sorts, and I would LOVE to hear about the beliefs and practices of New Age believers. Thanks in advance!

P.S Books explaining your beliefs are great too!


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FYI You should probably put this in the New Age DIR, not Indigenous Religions


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I call myself New Age because at present I have a mixture of beliefs.

the main one being that I take The Earth Goddess to be a kind of God - created by a higher power in the universe ( I call that The Source though not sure that is the 'correct' term)

I am also influenced by Hinduism/Buddhism though don't believe in karma.

Oneness with nature and all life-forms plus the belief in the transcendental consciousness are also in my belief system.

The Adept

Procession of the Equinoxes.

An astronomical change at the spring Equinox of the risen star group.

This is due to the 25k years earth wobble.


From John 16:12-13

"Through the guidance of the Spirits of Truth, the old truths are made plain and the New Teachings are advanced for our consideration. The most important principles are the following:

1. The existence of God

God may be defined as Infinite Intelligence. Imperfect as we are and still greatly influenced by matter, we are unable to completely understand the true exact nature of God. Finite minds cannot comprehend the infinite. In addition, our vocabulary is so poor that we are unable to more satisfactorily define God. While we may attribute to God certain very desirable and positive characteristics, we should never feel that God is confined to such attributes. To do so would be to limit God, Who is unlimited. However, we will be able to know and comprehend God more fully just as soon as we become totally freed from earthly influences and approach the righteousness that is God according to His ethical teachings.

2. The existence of the Spirit

God created us spirit beings in His image. However, at our creation, we were created perfect seeds, innocent and ignorant, but endowed with every potentiality to grow and develop to full maturity or perfection through our own exertions.

3. The reality of the Spirit World

There are other dimensions of being, other worlds apart from the physical worlds and the earth in which we live at the moment. There are “many mansions” in the Kingdom of God. We leave these more spiritual worlds temporarily when we are born to earth, and we return to them at physical death. And there, we will live for all eternity as soon as we prove ourselves worthy.

4. Oneness and brotherhood of all creation

At this earthly stage of our development, most humans are just beginning to curb their selfishness and selfish interests in favor of the common good. We are only now considering our planet as a single spaceship or boat in the vast sea of space. We are only now learning not to rock the boat lest we sink the ship and drown all of us, together. But, eventually, gradually, we will come to learn that all are one.

5. Reincarnation

In order to further develop spiritually, we spirit beings repeatedly come to earth and other physical worlds by motivating physical bodies which will enable us to undergo all the necessary experiences that afford learning until such time that we are able to arrive at a certain prescribed standard of spiritual perfection.

6. The Law of Karma

This is the Law of Harmony that provides for the restoration of balance to all things. This is also the law of cause and effect and sowing and reaping. Relative to ethical matters, the law was not intended to punish offenders as much as to teach us right from wrong and good and evil.

7. Infinite progression of the Spirit entity

No one will be committed to suffer forever in hell. All who are not yet fully developed or perfected will continue to be given every opportunity to improve himself in the Lower Worlds. This process continues until we are able to attain to the perfection that God intended. We are destined to come live with Him in His Kingdom after we have completed our earthly studies.

8. Personal responsibility and salvation through individual effort

Having been given free will, we alone have the right to decide regarding personal matters. “We are the captain of our soul, the master of our fate.” We only need to learn the divine laws and their consequences and abide by them in order to ensure for ourselves the kind of life we desire. It follows that God won’t and Jesus cannot save us because this is in direct contravention of His divine will. Instead, Jesus having shown us the Way, we now need to save ourselves through our own personal efforts.

9. Mediumship as a means of communication with the Spirit World

By developing our higher faculties, we are able to break through the barriers between this world and the Higher Worlds thereby obtaining undeniable proofs and further divine instruction.

10. Love and service as the Way

Emphasis is given to righteousness, which is love in action, and active service to our fellowmen as the Way to obtain release from the necessity of further incarnations and the attainment of eternal life in the Spirit World, the World of Reality.

All other attendant and more worldly concepts and teachings are only corollary or supportive of these main spiritual teachings, of which there are infinite levels and aspects. Each corresponds to a specific stage in the order of evolution. Everything in its rightful place."

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