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Urantia Book Questions


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Excuse me, Furchizedek, would you please share with me where are you discussing URANTIA in other Forums for me to follow you??? (those you are actively in only), thank you so very deeply beforehand, sincerely,
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Real validation and certainty of the URANTIA divine revelation:
first of all, the Wikipedia is almost trash; it's a fact that is useful and has a lot of facts, fortunately, but see this now:
and no, the whole URANTIA building doesn't collapse at all whatsoever: URANTIA has advanced science ahead of its time and has already been confirmed by our own science, and it's not finished, much of this advanced science will continue to be confirmed:
and as to URANTIA's supposed self-contradictions, they have been totally explanied away in the best and most documented book on the origins and history of URANTIA, by Ernest Moyer:
and the URANTIA celestial revelators clarified its outdated science:
and also the divine revelators told us of URANTIA's advanced science:
101:4.5 (1109.6) Truth may be but relatively inspired, even though revelation is invariably a spiritual phenomenon. While statements with reference to cosmology are never inspired, such revelations are of immense value in that they at least transiently clarify knowledge by:

101:4.6 (1109.7) 1. The reduction of confusion by the authoritative elimination of error.

101:4.7 (1109.8) 2. The co-ordination of known or about-to-be-known facts and observations.

101:4.8 (1110.1) 3. The restoration of important bits of lost knowledge concerning epochal transactions in the distant past.

101:4.9 (1110.2) 4. The supplying of information which will fill in vital missing gaps in otherwise earned knowledge.

101:4.10 (1110.3) 5. Presenting cosmic data in such a manner as to illuminate the spiritual teachings contained in the accompanying revelation.
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Greetings all,

Ive been a reader off and on over the years and commentator of some parts,.....the UB is indeed a fascinating tome, with many interesting ideas and conceptual frames expanding upon the human knowledge already had in its time of writing....within science, philosophy and religion,....its supposed to be the 5th 'epochal revelation' for this age, as Jesus was the 4th epochal revelation in his time. Truth is ever being unfolded by the movement of progressive revelation,....thats just how revelation in space-time works of truths that are universal and eternal. All science grows and is continually evolving as MORE is being discovered. This applies to both spiritual and material knowledge, as we evolve in consciousness.

Ive usually used the UB Fellowship or Truthbook website forums for online text or article studies :)

I've done commentaries on the first 5 papers and usually recommend them first, being a basic rehash or expansion of classical theism, with some extra dimensions and terms revealing a larger context frame. - the Forward is a concise synopsis of the whole of the book, a bit advanced for beginners but comprehended better for more advanced readers. Ive mostly had interest in some parts mainly and the ideas/concepts therein, while other parts of the tome I have less interest in,......one is free to find whatever areas they resonate with.

Reading along while listening to the audio also helps on a multisensory level, if one like to follow along the Youtube video presentations while reading the text online as well - the very first Paper is on The Universal Father, - it reveals a fundamental monotheistic core, while also emphasizing a special attention to 'personality', how that God has a personality and is the very source of 'personality', being the Father of all personalities in the cosmos. - this emphasis on personality and the spark of divinity or fragment of the universal Father that indwells souls, is a unique teaching aspect of the UB. This divine spark or spirit essence of 'God' within each soul is called the 'thought adjuster'(spirit monitor), among other names. It is the 'pilot light' of the soul :)

Paper 1 is the Genesis of the entire revelation, while the last Paper 196 is on the 'Faith of Jesus'....so the book being 'God' and 'Christ' centered, is pretty self evident. It speaks of its own terms of meanings and values, within its own contents and CONTEXT, just like any other book or revelation, so must be interpreted through such 'terms'.

Paper 1, The Universal Father (text/audio)



Jesus in me
Just remember, Guys, please remember that the Wikipedia entry of The URANTIA Book is biased and generally not accurate (although it has its goodies too at same entry), so see for yourselves examples such as this one:
Supposedly wikipedia accepts information from contributors. Obviously the views of contributors may vary.


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I believe the problem with channeling is that one does not know whether the source knows what it is talking about or if it is speaking the truth or deliberately lying.

The Bible or UB like any other religious volume is filled with various books, chapters "channeled" by various authors or 'spirits' and further filtered thru many other conditioning factors (human or divine) that may determine its narrative; - anything coming thru human 'channels' may suffer some distortion, whether there is a sincere or more nefarious purpose or agenda behind it. Therefore all things merit questioning and discernment (scientific method applies to all fields of knowledge, even progressive revelation of things spiritual).

Just like a merchant seeks for the most valuable pearls and lays out his collectibles (things observed/discovered) to examine them, such is one way of the kingdom of heaven concerning recognizing values. We all are 'channel's of source-energy and our own souls which is further inspired by various spiritual influences and feelings. While 'God' is that universal Spirit-Source of all, the cosmos is also the home to trillions of spirit-offspring of that Original SPIRIT. We are God's temple, and that temple has various chambers and instruments used in such worship, metaphorically speaking.

Truth is truth wherever you find it, and is to be interpreted within its proper context within any given literature. The content of any given literature will reflect some aspects of the terms and conditions of its time and culture, while truths that are more or less eternal stand the test of time and human imperfections. Thats how I'd approach both books, as they have their own unique contents and context.



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I believe I really enjoy Science Fiction so that puts Uranthism in the same category as Scientology then.

I dont see a correlation really, while there is no Church of Urantia or proselyting organization per se besides the official publisher and various study groups/organizations, also that some UB students are also Bible students (as well other religious texts) and recognize both as valid, although seeing the UB as an expanded and updated revelation.

The UB's theology is grounded mostly in classical traditional theism, judeo-christian monotheism (the basics of God's relationship to man and man doing God's will), but it expands on that revealing more to Deity and the greater cosmic relationships, on a much greater detailed scale. Sometimes a 'bigger picture' gives us a better or more nuanced view of the cosmos and our place in it.

What I read was fun but it smacks of SciFi.

Well, not sure thats an accurate depiction of the whole revelation, but a generalized blanket assumption (not seeing the forest for the trees), as the first 12 papers are all about the fundamentals of God's nature/character, his relationship to man and to the universe and the structure thereof, pretty standard monotheism at the core, but with added nuance and detail.

The first 5 Papers are fundamental to UB theology, its heart....all other details are only secondary scaffolding which may be more or less signficant, even some aspects conditioned perhaps by human influence,....the UB never claims to be 'perfect' or 'final'....as revelation is ongoing. I see nothing 'sci-fi' in the UB's essential theology, only that it expands the soul's vision and perspective to a cosmic dimension of eternal progression and exploration to infinity. Some parts may be more embellished than others, but the essential truths, elaborations of meanings and values holds concerning spirit realities and religious principles.

The final Paper 'The Faith of Jesus' summarizes the whole of the revelation in light of Jesus ministry, so it begins with Paper 1, 'The Univesal Father'.....and ends with Paper 196 'The Faith of Jesus'.....thats the A - Z of it all really. - there may be more fanciful parts within the tome, and some parts may hold more interest or truth-resonance to some than others. But it is what it is. Judging without a proper and thorough reading of it, would be premature and partial. I recommend the first 12 papers for the UB's essential theology/cosmology,....while the ministry of Jesus remains the core-theme and zenith of it all anyways, ultimately, as far as 'God' and 'Man' is concerned.

  1. 1. The Universal Father - Divine Counselor
  2. 2. The Nature of God - Divine Counselor
  3. 3. The Attributes of God - Divine Counselor
  4. 4. God's Relation to the Universe - Divine Counselor
  5. 5. God's Relation to the Individual - Divine Counselor
  6. 6. The Eternal Son - Divine Counselor
  7. 7. Relation of the Eternal Son to the Universe - Divine Counselor
  8. 8. The Infinite Spirit - Divine Counselor
  9. 9. Relation of the Infinite Spirit to the Universe - Divine Counselor
  10. 10. The Paradise Trinity - Universal Censor
  11. 11. The Eternal Isle of Paradise - Perfector of Wisdom
  12. 12. The Universe of Universes - Perfector of Wisdom
Continuing video series -

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