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True Spending for Cause of Promised Reformation – Examples of 17 Events - International Statistics


Peace be upon you.
Peace and mercy of Allah be on you….. Human spends wealth in the world for personal gratification, personal purposes and sometimes he gives sadqah and khairat (charity) too.

But today there is no group or Jama'at in the world whose members, in each city and each country of the world, united at one hand and offering their wealth to be spent for one purpose i.e. the purpose of publication of faith and service for humanity except Jama'at Ahmadiyya. It is doing this work as it is established by God the Exalted for this purpose to establish true Islam worldwide. It is the Jama'at of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him)’s true servant, i.e. the Promised Messiah, Covenanted Mahdi (on whom be peace). It is offering financial sacrifices since about last 128 years for the service of true Islam and humanity. It has been able to do so because Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) has given it the understating of right use of wealth and sacrifice of wealth.

Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said: “I have repeatedly emphasized to spend in the way of God the Exalted. It is by the commandment of God the Exalted because Islam at this time is in the state of decline. By seeing external and internal weaknesses, mood becomes restless. And Islam is becoming prey of other opponent religions. When this has become the state, then should we not take step for the progress of Islam? For this very reason, God the Exalted has established this Movement. Thus to make effort for its progress is execution of Will and command of Allah the Exalted……These promises too are from Allah the Exalted that the person who will give for God the Exalted, I will give him manyfold blessing. In the world, he will get very much and will see reward of Hereafter after death that how much comfort is available. In short, at this time I draw attention of you all, to the matter that spend your riches for the progress of Islam.”


Events Related to Exceptional Spending for Pleasure of God:

1,2)The companion of Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) understood this thing and offered their wealth for purpose of Deen, and did not care much about their personal needs. He (a.s.) used to encourage about many schemes. He mentioned many narratives of companions’ offerings. For example, in regard when he asked offerings about making of ‘Minarat ul Messiah’ (Minerat of Messiah), a companion, an accountant from Gurdaspur with low income, presented 100 Rupees. Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) praised, “I think that this 100 Rupees would have been saved over a period of many years. These two are especially exemplary because they have offered another 100 Rupees in some other domain of work. …….The other sincere person who has shown utter love ……… is a wood seller by profession and a resident of Sialkot. He has already given 150 Rupees for some work and now for this task he has sent in 200 Rupees. If we evaluate the entire possession at his home, they will surely not exceed from 50 Rupees.”

The second person wrote to him (a.s.) that business is low so ‘it's better for me to invest in religious trade so I am sending you everything I had.'


The wealthy and struggling members of worldwide Jama'at of Hazrat Promised Messiah's (on whom be peace) continue to follow directives of Allah the Exalted and the examples set by companions.


"And the case of those who spend their wealth to seek the pleasure of Allah and to strengthen their souls is like the case of a garden on elevated ground. Heavy rain falls on it so that it brings forth its fruit twofold. And if heavy rain does not fall on it, then light rain suffices. And Allah sees what you do" [ch2:v266]


Works of Jama'at are blessed by Allah the Exalted as little financial offering to seek His pleasure act like dew drops producing loads of fruits.


Surprising examples of offerings and blessings continue:

3) Living thousands of mile away from Qadian, when a university student, young female from Uganda, joined Jama'at, her thoughts change and she understands sacrifice. She was short of funds and before going to university she needed things but yet her Chanda (pledged financial offering for Jama'at ) was not fully paid. With full trust in Allah the Exalted that He would help her, she gave money for Chanda. One month latter, three days before university, her aunt invited her to her home, and gave her some money. It was more than her need for university, and ten times more than she paid for Chanda.

4) An Ahmadi from Kerala Jama'at, who is in vaccine business, despite tough financial circumstances, he gave a cheque of huge amount for Chanda to related office holder, but his bank account did not have such money. He asked the office holder to pray and wait. Next day, by the grace of Allah the Exalted he was able to pay huge amount.

5)In Tanzania, a widow committed 25000 shillings for Chanda, but was not able to pay, she was sad. Then she went to office holder to pay 10000 shilling which came from somewhere, when she returned home, she received 35,000 Shilling. She paid the rest of the committed amount and there was more for her…. Her faith increased many folds.

6)In Congo, where conditions are stringent, a person who is over 60, visits five local Jama'ats to spread divine message and collects Chanda from members of Jama'at . Traveling is difficult, there are no roads, boats are used. He pays his own expenses. He managed to collect fifty three thousand for the Waqf-e-Jadid. He said that he wants to be an example for the young ones.

7)Benin: Less than a year ago, a person accepted Ahmadiyyat, most people are fishermen, he is not very well off financially offered 1000 Franc. He said I do not want to miss out any opportunity of charity started by the Jama'at that I have very recently been accepted into.



Peace be upon you.
8)Burkina Faso: How Friday sermons and connection with the Hazrat Khalifa tul Messiah (a.t.) impact on lives. Some local Ahmadis, new converts, listened the sermon about ending and starting new year with prayers. They went back home and brought money kept for new year celebration. They offered 76000 Francs for Tehrik e Jadid [system which serve conveying of divine message] and started the new year with Tahajjud.

9)Ivory Coast: In a small village, new converts offered for Waqf-e-Jadid. There is lot of poverty there.

10)Tanzania: A handicap brother earns by charging mobile phones of people by solar panel.. Many areas have no electricity. He paid all 2000 Shillings earned in last two days for Chanda. He was asked how he will provide for family? …He said that Allah is Razaaq and He will surely provide to us. The missionary said that I had just written the receipt for him, and I witnessed that many people came in to get their mobiles charged and he earned much more than what he gave in for charity.

11)Tanzania: A person’s son suffered from Malaria, he had 1500 Shillings for cure. But he offered all to visiting finance-secretary for Chanda……..After some time, his elder son from another city called and said that I am sending 80,000 Shilling. Treatment and others needs were well covered. He now narrates this incident to others as well and emphasizes upon giving charity.

12)Mali: When learned about importance of Chanda, a new convert promised to himself he would be punctual……He did so, and by the grace of Allah, he repaid his entire loan, the household situation got better and he even got a promotion at work and even the retirement was cancelled. He has now entered Wassiyat too.

13)Sierra Leon: A lady from a village promised to offer 4000 Leone, she has small garden to grow fruits. She sells Cassava (fruit like sweet potato). The amount she saved for Chanda, some child picked and spent…She was upset…..One of her son worked on wine shop; forced by conditions or weakness of faith. He offered to help mother for Chanda. She refused that it is not according to faith, purpose of offering is to please Allah the Exalted…….In the meanwhile, an unknown person came. She did not know him at all. He gave her 10,000 Leone. In place of 4,000 Leone, she gave 10,000 in donation and said, Allah has send me this amount only for the payment for the donation. She pledged 10,000 Leone for donation for the next year.

14)Sierra Leone: There was no chance of winning a land dispute case, for a new convert. Other party was quite influential. He heard about blessing of Chanda, in mosque…….. He offered according to capacity. A little while after the case was decided in his favor that apparently had seemed impossible. He says that he is certain that all this happened due the blessings of the financial sacrifice.

15)Congo Kinshasa: A lady is a small trader. Due to difficult country situation, she thought there will be no profit at the beginning of the yea. But she fulfilled her pledge for Waqf-e-Jadid at the beginning of the year, and she thought that a trade carried out with Allah cannot result in loss. She says that the business results in profit and despite the prevailing condition in the country, business did not suffer any loss.

16)Bangladesh: Three persons would not join Jama'at despite much effort. They came to mosque. During the sermon, attention of members was drawn to Waqf e Jadid Chanda. After the worship, members made queue for offerings. When these person who were conveyed message, saw this scene, they said that throats and tongues of their clergies dry up for seeking donations and yet people do not donate. Here, a brief announcement is made and members have stood up and have made lines. This is the true spirit of Islam. All these three persons joined Jama'at after seeing this scene and also contributed towards Waqf-i-Jadid.

17)Benin: A new convert, asked, how and where this donation will be used? He was told that the Jama'at uses these funds to build mosques, publish the translations of the Holy Qur'an and books about faith, hospitals, schools and orphanages are established. Every penny from donations is used in the work of faith and welfare. On hearing this, the person said, clergies used to come to me to collect money for faith, but they never told me where these donations were spent….. He immediately made an offering for Jama'at and pledged to donate enthusiastically henceforth.


Allah the Exalted is granting such devotees to Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace), they join and a zeal of sacrifice is developed in them. Rich members should pay special attention in this regard.


Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah be his Helper) announced the 60th year of Waqf-i-Jadid.

The Waqf-i-Jadid fiscal year ends on December 31. The 59th year ended on 31 December 2016. By the grace of Allah the Exalted the chapters of Jama'at all over the world presented sacrifice of £8,020,000 towards Waqf-i-Jadid. This amount is £1,129,000 more than the last year.


Some statistics:

Local currency wise: The countries that improved significantly over the last year: Ghana, West Africa, Germany, Pakistan and Canada.

African countries: The significant sacrifices were made by Mali, Burkina Faso, Liberia, South Africa, Sierra Leone and Benin.

Top ten: After Pakistan, the top ten countries in sacrifice are UK, Germany, US, Canada, India, Australia, a country from middle-east, Indonesia, a country from middle east and Ghana, Belgium and Switzerland.

Per person contribution: US, Switzerland, Finland, Australia, Singapore, France, Germany, Trinidad, Belgium and Canada.

Top in Pakistan: Lahore, Rabwah, Karachi, Islamabad, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Multan, Umarkot, Haiderabad, Peshawar, Mirpur Khas, Okara and Dera Ghazi Khan.

Top ten contributing chapters in the US: Silicon Valley, Seattle, Detroit, Silver Spring, Central Virginia, Los Angeles East, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia and Laurel.

Top contributing regions from Canada: Calgary, Peace Village, Vaughn, Vancouver, Mississauga.

Top contributing chapters from Canada: Durham, Hamilton East, Saskatoon South, Saskatoon North and Windsor, Lloydminster, Ottawa West, Ottawa East, Barrie, Regina.

India, regions in sequence of top contributions: Kerala, Jammu/Kashmir, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana, Orissa, West Bengal, Punjab, Utter Pradesh, Delhi, Maharashtra.

Ten top chapters in India: Kerala, Kalicut, Haiderabad, Patha Paryam, Qadian, Kanul Town, Calcutta, Kangol, Bangalore, Salore, Pagardi.

Australia: Castle Hillis, Brisbane, Logan, Azam Park, Perwik, Azith, Adelaide South, Lampton, Canberra, Langwarrin, Adelaide West.


May Allah the Exalted bless limitlessly the wealth and persons of the ones who presented sacrifices. And May He enable the related office-holders become more active so that they do their work correctly and make effort to remedy the deficiencies, especially the number of participants should be increased. It is true that the total amount is increasing we also need to have everyone participate even with the payment of a small amount.
Reference: Based on parts of Friday sermon (January 1, 2016) by Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah help him with His Mighty Help), UK, alislam.org -- mta.tv