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Trauma and the Gods

Saint Frankenstein

Wanderer From Afar
Premium Member
The gods/esses and ancestors were propitiated as well as petitioned. Adverse outcomes from partitioning the gods are attested; as is the cost in terms of sacrifices for gaining favourable outcomes or pledging to the gods.

Pagan deities can be capricious, sometimes you do not get that which you petition for. So my advice is be careful what you ask and who you ask because there may be a steep price to pay.
Makes sense. Most things in reality are a double-edged sword.

Goodman John

Active Member
The Christian god wants you to beg for his help; the Old Gods want you to man up and handle your s**t. Trauma, either physical or mental, is a part of life and we either get a handle on it or we don't. Maybe it's our wyrd and the gods want to see what we'll do with it. If you want to be noticed by the Gods, you need to cultivate a strong mental attitude.