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Torath Mosheh Jews and Paul and the Law


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Sorry, but I still don't get it.... I don't see how that answers my question in post#61.

Because there are elements of the natural world that started the minute that humanity chose to walk away from the mitzvoth that Hashem gave. There are some that were a part of the system and are manageable if people were to keep the mitzvoth that Hashem put in place.


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"Torath Mosheh Jews and Paul and the Law"

( SAUL OF TARSUS - JewishEncyclopedia.com ):
"as well as by his ethical monitions, which are rather inconsistently taken over from Jewish codes of law for proselytes, the Didache and Didascalia. It is quite natural, then, that not only the Jews (Acts xxi. 21), but also the Judæo-Christians, regarded Paul as an "apostate from the Law" (see Eusebius, l.c. iii. 27; Irenæus, "Adversus Hæreses," i. 26, 2; Origen, "Contra Celsum," v. 65; Clement of Rome, "Recognitiones," i. 70. 73)."
exposes Paul's evil intentions conclusively, one gathers. Right?

I also gather that Paul was a spy from the Romans, he studied with the Jews (pharisees) for intelligence purposes, else he was a Hellenist, any thoughts on this, please?