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The Tribes of Europe


Very interesting indeed. An example that came to mind when he was talking is the massacre of thousands of Saxons by Charlemagne. He did this in order to force their conversion and bring them under his rule.

Before he had the heads of thousands of Saxons lopped off in the name of god, Charlemagne's Christian Franks chopped down Irminsul, sacred tree of the pagan Saxons.

Herr Heinrich

Student of Mythology
Before he had the heads of thousands of Saxons lopped off in the name of god, Charlemagne's Christian Franks chopped down Irminsul, sacred tree of the pagan Saxons.

That was probably a worse thing for them to experience. To them there was probably glory in death. There is no glory in your sacred tree being chopped down. Completely disheartening.


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Awesome video. Thank you for the posting. I hope discussion about the video can start once again.



Whoa... The PICTS are truly fascinating, along with the Druids in the same areas.


Boadicea who stood up against the Roman invaders is worthy of mention as well.

Boadicea -- Queen of the Iceni

Are there any others?

OMG guys... Native Americans along the East coast share very similar structures as the Vikings. Algonquin Longhouses, look exactly like the Viking Longhouses.

Lots to follow.... collecting links...


Peterborough Petroglyphs - Canada

There are alternative theories...

Retired Harvard professor Barry Fell believes the petroglyphs are inscriptions by a Norse king named Woden-lithi (Servant of Odin), who was said to have sailed from Norway up the St. Lawrence River in about 1700 BC.

Mayanologist David H. Kelley viewed the petroglyphs and declared that some of the symbols were European, dating perhaps to ca. 1000 BC

According to Andis Kaulins and Megaliths.co.uk, the petroglyphs are a sky map of the heavens from c.3117 BC based on European tradition; they have nothing to do with Native American traditions.

Regardless, the Iroquois are a distinct breed of sturdy people. Jmo... if you've met some of the natives, they are towering in height. I am not sure if it is a north east thing, or if it is similar down in south/central.

I am still learning how to read these dna charts effectively, but this one is interesting.

Genetic history of indigenous peoples of the Americas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Found this while looking too. It appears the Natives made it to the UK.

The Mimac historically use hieroglyphs as part of their language, there was much communication between the tribes of Europe and the Native Americans.

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Native American DNA found in UK

DNA testing has uncovered British descendents of Native Americans brought to the UK centuries ago as slaves, translators or tribal representatives.

Just posting what I found. Not saying any of it is true or false.

In any event, there are Iroquois longhouses all through out the Ontario region. Mostly along the coast to my knowledge.

I got see one (reconstruction) in grade school on a school trip.

Iroquois Iroquoian Village Crawford Lake Conservation Area Ontario Canada

Longhouses of the indigenous peoples of North America - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Now the truly interesting maps are the distributions of languages... instead of reposting the link is here.

The Native American/Indian Thread - Page 2 - Historum - History Forums

Might as well, since hijacking this thread is the farthest thing from my mind, anyhoo... my theories on the Tomahawk sharing similar characteristics as the Viking throwing axe, is irrelevant (in the page I linked), however the missing langauges are clear evidences of the "civilizations" which is probably more in line with the thread as a whole.



Anyone imagining fleets of African ships sailing into the Americas, clearing the land?

In any event, I know so little about Native American traditions, and spiritualities, and I agree, spirituality is largely missing in todays moderns worlds. Perhaps that is changing?

I think the symbolic similarities between a sacred hoop and a dream catcher are worthy of note.
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