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The story of the 14 parts of Osiris isn't an Egyptian story

Rainbow Mage

Lib Democrat/Agnostic/Epicurean-ish/Buddhist-ish
There is no mention of this story from any ancient source, and it first appears in the writings of Plutarch. The initial Egyptian version was that Wesir (Osiris) drowned, and that Yinepu (Anubis) retrieved his body from the river.

The story of Set breaking Wesir into 14 parts which all drifted to various cult centers, Abydos, etc. comes from Plutarch as I mentioned, is likely of Greek origin, and seems more to me an attempt by later Greek mystery cults to lend legitimacy to their practice.

The cults that sprung up around these supposed body parts of Wesir were very mystery religionish in nature and claimed that these body parts were "relics" that had miraculous properties.

Despite what has taken root in the popular mindset, and how much people admire and like this story, it is very much Greek in origin.