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The Dead End of Jewish Culture


Religious Zionist
From Aish.com

One December afternoon, my precious four-year-old niece Jodi* walked into my mother's suburban New Jersey kitchen and asked, "Bubbie, are you Jewish?"

"Yes, I am," my mother answered proudly.

"So am I," Jodi confided, "but don't tell Santa Claus."

I laughed when my mother told me this story, and I chuckled every time I thought of it --for twenty-two years. Last week, Jodi got married, in a Catholic church, kneeling in front of a huge gilded cross. I stopped laughing.

Apparently, Jodi's perception of Judaism as a liability grew with the years. At the age of four, being Jewish made her a persona non grata to Santa Claus. At the age of sixteen, growing up in a town whose century-old bylaws stipulated, "No Jews or Negroes," Jewish identity must have been a social non-starter. At the age of twenty, as a sophomore at Boston University, being Jewish must have threatened her budding romance with a handsome Catholic senior.

But was there nothing on the asset side to balance Jodi's Jewish ledger? After all, her Bubbie and Zeydie were committed Jews. Her Zeydie was a life-trustee of his Conservative synagogue, an ardent check-writing Zionist, a lover of everything Jewish, from Mollie Picon to Bernard Malamud. Her Bubbie spoke Yiddish, made blintzes from scratch, and devoutly attended Friday night services every Shabbat. Was there nothing of nostalgia or Jewish tradition to stay Jodi's knees from kneeling before the cross?



Religious Zionist
michel said:
Well, someone like you is there to redress the balance.

gonna need more than just me;)

that's why i like lubavitch so much, they are making the task of bringing jews back to Torah their goal.:bow:


Well-Known Member
I actually had a very similar episode with my daughter over Christmas re: St. Nicholas and presents. It has actually culminated (this and other issues) in me breaking off all contact with my family so as to minimise their influence on my children. Having said that, I have no problem with her attending a High Church Anglican School (So high it has 'our lady' all around the school!!!!!!), and she in fact played Mary in the school nativity at Xmas.


Well-Known Member
Hmm. That's the problem with pediatric Judaism, isn't it? The kid gets a bar/bat mitzvah, you never hear from them again, and everyone is left going "Wait a minute, we had dibs there!"

Mind you, y'also end up with people like Jewscout or my mom, so go figure.

Delilah Roo

I feel a need to weight in in defense of jedaism. I am an atheist, and have no real connection to judaism, but gosh if I could really beleive any relisgion it would be judaism. I have the culture and all the traditions. What is so special about you traditions is that they are not nearly as comercialized as christian holidays are. Jewish holidays are about more than gifts. I think that is really special. It is sad to see your culture just evaporate like that.

If I ever go married I would much rather do it like yall do, the whole smashing the plate (or glass I think.) Well My point is that judaism is so special, I would of loved to grow up with those traditions and be able to continue them on instead of getting plast easer eggs and candy.



Well-Known Member
It is always a startling and terrible loss to our people when even one of us loses our culture, our heritage, our faith.


Well-Known Member
How sad!
This is why we should all do our best to send our kids to Jewish schools. To bring them to Shul every Sabbath. Or if that is too much for you, at least once in a while. To make a big deal of holidays like Hannukah and Pourim when they are really young, and later express the importance of Passover and Kippur, etc... when they are of age to understand the purpose of those Holidays!
Our kids are our responsibility and we really do need to make every effort in our power to avoid these inter-marriages, loss of traditions, etc...