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Studying Buddhism


New Member
I am currently studying Buddhism in school and would love to interview someone online about the religion to get a better understanding of the beliefs. Is there anyone who is willing to help me? :shout


De Diablo Del Fora
Premium Member
Welcome to the Forums, Brownsugar!

Perhaps if you posted some of the questions you would like to ask people?


Bodhisattva in Recovery
Hiya, Brownsugar! Welcome to the jungle of RF.

I'd suggest you start a thread called "Interview with a Buddhist" in the Interview section and see who bites. We do have a few resident Buddhists so, someone should take the bait. I know I could probably answer any of your questions, but I am not a Buddhist and my answers might send the Buddhists into apoplectic shock. :eek: :cover: :D Best to let them answer. ;)


New Member
I don't mind about the time difference. I would like to ask a few questions for a paper for school that was due yesterday, so whenever you are free is fine. :eek: