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Startling issue about my yidam/ishta-devata is arising


ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय
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The same rule for singing the bell is what you use for the bowls. This video here down the page on this link explains the technique:

How To Play Tibetan Singing Bowls

Plus if you're interested this is a really nice use of a 'tuned' large set. I have one large one myself, and to say the least, playing several is like playing water. Hard to describe. It's quite natural and organinc:

Singing Bowl Meditation: Crown Chakra Set - YouTube

Oh my gods, that's great. I can download that and convert it to an mp3 to play and meditate with, even loop it (Youtube Dowloader is a great free and legal product). There are some other YT vids like it I never paid much attention to. Project time! :D

Yes, not be disrupted during meditation is important! If you are 'out there', so to speak, your mind is like a kite in the clouds and your body on the ground. To get disrupted in that state can leave you rattled for a long time, to say the least.

When I'm disturbed it ticks me off no end, which kind of defeats the purpose of meditation. :rolleyes: