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Spiritual and religions, but none of the religions seem to fit


सो ऽहम्
Premium Member
The thing for me is that I don't believe there is more than a single Deity, so the idea of picking my favorite doesn't sit right with me.

Have you ever looked into Sikhi, better known as Sikhism? It’s monotheistic, so to speak, and its idea of God is one without a form or image. What happens to each soul after the death of the body is a case-by-case matter. In Sikhi, the central relationship is that of the Guru (Teacher) and the Sikh (Disciple). The present and perpetual Guru of the Sikhs is Guru Granth Sahib—the main scripture of Sikhi. You can read it online on SikhNet.


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@Karolina try visiting a Unity meeting. That sounds like your kind of thing. Its a lot more churchy than the universalists. I visited a couple times years ago.