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Sinkford Issues Statement on Unitarian Universalist "Moral Values"


Active Member
Maize said:
I would agree with that, and I think my church has those some priorities, but then we are a small church. Sometimes I think we take on too much political action, because we feel we're the only religious liberal voice in our area, indeed we are, the only one. So, if we don't stand up and say something, then really and truly, no one will. I think there's room for it all, and for everyone to find their own niche. Not everyone, at least at my church, is interested in the spiritual, in fact, there are atheists, humanists and the like. They want a community that is dedicated to the good of all, and for them, we are that. I think the UU church of today is many things to many people, and that, IMO, is how it should be.
I can accept that, and in many ways you are right. When it comes to a Liberal Religious voice on certain issues, it is often the UUA or nothing. There are many left of center organizations that can speak to issues, but only the UUA really does so from a religous perspective.

I just want to keep the focus on what makes us a Church, not a political party.... I guess I consider myself the "voice in the wilderness" on this issue. If I keep up the call, then maybe we will reach and maintain a healthy balence between the spiritual and the political....

Reason and Respect in all you say and do,

David Pyle