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Satire, Suffering and the Pantheist’s Dilemma


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I read an article recently on the No Unsacred Place blog and thought I would share it with all of you. It's the first three paragraphs that caught my eye here, but feel free to comment on any of it.

Satire, Suffering and the Pantheist's Dilemma

To inadequately paraphrase, the author suggests that pantheism is relatively rare in the modern Pagan community and that the reason for this is its hollow vision of life after death. A proposed solution to this is the satire, which brings a more jovial attitude to the trials and sufferings of life.

As someone whose Pagan theology is strongly pantheistic, some of the author's claims about pantheism didn't strike true to me, particularly the suggestion that there is a meaninglessness in the "life after death" outlook you get when you're a pantheist. I'm going to save my own thoughts on this for the moment, though, and ask what you all think. :D

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Heh, I liked the end part explaining that God.

I can´t say much about it because I am a panentheists, but I think that even in pantheism there is not necesarily an end to life, there can eb afterlife in pantheism, just not by and external God (as I understand it).

In any case, I am curious of your perspective :D