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Satanism Overview Discussion

painted wolf

Grey Muzzle
I have to say that I realy enjoyed reading the Satainic Bible... I didn't agree with it 100% but certenly a good 70% or better...

I liked the ideals of self responcibility and freedom from guilt complexes that so plague other religions. 8)

I have a Satanist friend who is one of the most genuinely 'nice' people I know... :clap:

The whole Christian/Catholic satire in the ceremony is amusing as well...



Rex_Admin said:
Satanism Overview

Satanism is a religion involving either the worship of Satan, or some other supreme evil being, or the directing of one's life based on inspirations gained from study of the archetype of Satan.
Theistic Satanists do not, as a general rule, think of Satan as a "supreme evil being." Rather, we tend to associate Satan with specific human qualities which Christianity traditionally considers evil, but which Satanists -- and many other modern people -- would consider to be either good or neutral, such as independent thought. For more about this matter, see my article Satan and "Evil" in Christianity (and Satanism).