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Reccomendations for pantheon research


Master of the Art of Couch Potato Cuddles
Here's a list:

- Reccemandations for best editions of Norse Prose Edda and/or Poetic Edda
- Books that give detailed information on Egyptian deities (not necessarily stories although that's okay)
- A reliable book about Babylonian mythology
- Celtic (Irish or Welsh, preferably) resources concerning their pantheon(s).
- Any book about individual gods from any of the mentioned ancient cultures. (This can include magic books)
- Any books central to the religions of these pantheons

I say "book" because I prefer to read books. Websites are okay but not my preferred method of research for this topic.

I know some Norse mythology but I want to familiarize myself with the Edda because I haven't read it and every passage I found citing it was very rich.

The other pantheons are less familiar to me and I know only several deities from each, but I'm interested in all of them for various reasons.

Thanks in advance for contributions to this thread.