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Re: Digital Buddhism - is it authentic?


Hindu Wannabe
I'd consider another aspect: I think such things like computer games are a good means to explain the theory of maya: I remember watching my brother play GTA Something, when I felt totally amazed about this entire "world" with "people" and "buildings" (and cars :D), thinking "wow, this actually isn't there but it is". Now VR makes even more rapid progress than before.

I don't think that everybody who uses "digital Buddhist" media actually wants to find "authentic Buddhism". For many of them, feeling good is all that they want, but I think even a tiny mental act of worship towards Buddha is "a noble act".

In addition, the seepage of Dharmic ideas into the consciousness of the majority helps to reduce Western prejudices against Dharmic religions, which I welcome. I occasionally read esoteric magazines and one had 5 full-page color prints of traditional images of the Five Tathagatas who were claimed to help with the problems of insecure women, something like "Amoghasiddhi helps you decide when you don't know what to cook for lunch today." Of course, that is not authentic, but still. They studied the Five Tathagatas a little bit. I think that's basically a good thing.
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Twilight Hue

Twilight, not bright nor dark, good nor bad.
There is no such thing as digital Buddhism no more or less than authentic Buddhism. ;0]


Be your own guru
Some people will be knowledgeable, some others will not have sufficient knowledge, some might even mislead people knowingly about Buddhism. For example, Bahais will say he was a manifestation of Allah. On internet, there are all kinds of people.