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Physicists predict Earth will become a chaotic world, with dire consequences

Subduction Zone

Veteran Member
Why do you keep repeating these platitudes..

I often quote wiki .. isn't that good enough for you?
If not, what is???
They are not platitudes. You calling them that confirms my claim that you do not understand the concept of evidence.

To have evidence you need a valid argument. You only have an ad hoc explanation. You could put it in the form of a logical argument where you state your premises and their conclusion.. You could try to form a hypothesis, which means using a falsifiable idea and showing how that observation agrees with it. You cannot start with an unfalsifiable statement. When you do that you are only constructing the ad hoc explanation that I mentioned earlier.


Well-Known Member
To have evidence you need a valid argument..
..and who deems it valid .. you?
..well it can't be me, can it .. you assume that I'm stupid, as I'm a theist. :)

Sorry, but to me, you are just waffling on about evidence and have nothing to offer, except negativity.
No meat. :D

Why can't we have a debate about the role of usury in climate change, rather than the usual bla bla?