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Peaceful Understanding


Doyamo Luminachi
Every person on this planet has one thing in common. At some point, they were born. Perhaps that first newborn cry has been misinterpreted all these years. You see, it is assumed that infants cry to begin breathing, but just maybe they cry because they have some inside information on they way things are that is forgotten once the speech centers of the brain are activated. It is inherently possible that they have some lingering Celestial insight about the path downward they will take in true understanding. After all, newborns have no prejudice and are never mean to people. That is a trait that takes a little while to develop. Of course, there is no point in arguing how it happens. Suffice it to say that it does.
Of course, there are a handful of us who spend the childhood years crying over our own lack of understanding of the human condition. We spend our years in a vicious cycle of trying to convey the definition of understanding to others in a peaceful way, yet no one listens. So, once again, I will attempt to make it clear in the slight hope that at least a few will get it this time. Understanding is the agreement of opinion or the adjustment of differences. It is a simple and peaceful concept that mysteriously eludes the vast majority of the population of this little blue-green planet.
If you find yourself unable to agree with someone, you must adjust the differences between you until you find yourselves standing on common ground. There is always a way. If you disagree about religion, then adjust those differences by agreeing that you at least both believe in something, and what you believe in is really irrelevant in the grand scheme of things because all religions have the same basic morals and ethics of be nice to one another, don’t hurt anyone, don’t take what isn’t yours, be honest to yourself and everyone else and generally respect each person’s right to be. So beyond that, what you believe in falls outside of what is pertinent to your time alive and is of no importance to another person.
If you find yourself unable to agree on politics, then agree that no political system is completely founded on a basis that ensures fairness to all, and so all of them are flawed in some way. To fix the problem would take many like minded individuals who are all honestly striving for fairness to all regardless of social or economic status. Of course, that kind of unity cannot be achieved until we learn understanding, so one thing at a time. After all, you would not expect a newborn to get up and walk at birth, right? And when it comes to understanding, this entire planet is full of newborns, which is nothing to be upset about. As a matter of fact, you could even look at it from the perspective that we all have a fresh start on the subject, so everyone is equal.
Which brings me to my next point, equality. If we cannot agree on everyone being equal, we can at least agree we are all equally human. We all have good and bad, that is called balance and it is a necessary part of the human condition. Without balance, there would be no life, because life is messy and complicated. It is made up of laws of balance and it is no use trying to juxtapose those laws because they are not up for a vote. They just are and it is best to leave it at that.
These of course are just the three main reasons that people fight. If we could reach basic understanding between people on these reasons, then the rest would be easy to figure out, since most of them lead back to these three in one way or another.

We teach our children to grow up and become adults, yet we never truly act like adults, or we would see that the things we fight over are really petty in the first place. It’s almost as if we are a bunch of really big kids on this huge playground, fighting over spots in the sandbox. We forget that the sandbox is big enough for everyone and we could realistically share all of the toys and everyone would be happy. The constant fighting over who has the most toys and whose toys are the best serves no one in the end. So we end up taking pleasure in seeing the little weak kids cry just because they are easier to pick on.
It amazes me how a violent, unspeakable act can be carried out in some remote location in the world, and in seconds, it reaches everyone on the planet and is discussed for days, weeks, even years if the blood count is high enough. But when the same intensity of good happens, it is disregarded as less than newsworthy. Why is it like this? It doesn’t have to be. People spend so much time living vicariously through the misery of others and for what reason? Is there anything to be gained from it? Does it serve the common good in any way?
Peace is talked about only when there is no good violence to show. It is a strange quality in humans that sees them pushing to the front of the line to witness horrors. It is even stranger to me that monetary value is put on life in the first place. In the grand scheme of things, all life is priceless. Each one is unique and has its place. It’s like having an intricately designed timepiece. Each tiny part of the mechanism is necessary for the watch to keep time. If even one small spring, screw or gear tooth is missing or damaged, the whole mechanism is useless until it is repaired. So is it with the great mechanism of life, and right now we are running on rusty springs, stripped screws and deformed gears. It is time we repair the problem with the proper part. The part is not on back order, it has been sitting on the shelf for eons. It is understanding. From there it leads to Unity. I don’t mean Unity in belief or ways of thinking, that would be like running the watch with the same size hands and you would never be able to tell the time. When I say Unity, I am only referring to the fact that we are all one planet united by the simple fact that we are all human. So to be unified only means that we respect each person’s right to be who they are and believe what they want to believe. If everyone followed this basic path of understanding then there would be no point in arguing.
Of course, by now, I know many of you are thinking, “What about people who commit violent crimes? They can’t be allowed to be who they are.” Well, if everyone truly had understanding, and was united with the concept I described above, then there would not be violent crimes, because that would go against respecting another person’s right to be. So there you have it, something thought to be so complicated really comes down to two basic principals to live by: Respect each person’s right to be and let each one believe what they want to believe. It has been far too long that we have overcomplicated this matter.
Won’t you consider this option? After all, we keep talking about living in peace. Isn’t time we stopped talking about it and started actually doing it? Let’s learn to be the adults we tell our children that we are. Let’s learn understanding and finally grow up.

Rainbow Mage

Lib Democrat/Agnostic/Epicurean-ish/Buddhist-ish
Sometimes people are not willing to discuss even if you comprimise your differences, which in that case I simply agree to disagree, or if I see they're starting to get real defensive- walk away. Sometimes it's best to walk away and have no animosity between you. Because some can get so defensive about their beliefs to the point that it creates animosity. I agree, the sandbox is big enough for all to play in, but even in children we see that one wants to dominate the sandbox. When I was a child, I thought in such ways, I thought people belonged to me, things belong to me, the "all mine" mindset. When I became an adult, my outlook changed. I own nothing, and I am a servant of the world, seeking to help any who need my help.