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Obama and Derrick Bell


Tu Stultus Es
Lol! I do love how Breibart.com's editor Ben Shapiro and editor in chief Joel Pollak are pretending they unearthed this footage that was locked away by the liberal media. The problem with this claim is that the video was featured in a PBS special broadcast in 2008 and the story of Obama introducing and embracing Bell was published in the New York Times in 2007. Hardly obscure media outlets burying the story away. So this is hardly some revelatory news.

Also, Bell was a distinguished scholar whose contributions to law and civil rights are rightfully celebrated- he was hardly some frothing at the mouth radical (as if that would have been a bad thing unto itself!). He basically invented critical race theory which emphasized how ingrained white hegemony is in this country's laws. (Here's the NY Times obit from October of last year).

This manufactured controversy is kinda embarassing even by Breitbart's sycophant's standards.