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New Wiccan Seeking Help

Taylor Seraphim

Angel of Reason
I have come to call myself Agnostic Wiccan because even though I do not interpret the God and Goddess (and the Deity they are a part of) as a literal god, I see them as symbolism for parts of nature and our own minds.

Before entering my local coven I have been instructed to study for a year and a day, does anyone know of some good reading material or advice.


Consults with Trees
Staff member
Premium Member
Could you ask the coven what they would recommend for their particular courses of study?

(FYI, I'm not sure we have any active Wiccans on board the forums right now, meaning you might not be able to get much feedback in this DIR. Non-Wiccans can only respond with respectful questions, which means some of us who started off there and left shouldn't technically respond)


New Member

(FYI, I'm not sure we have any active Wiccans on board the forums right now

Got one here! XD

Since you're just starting out, Taylor, I'll recommend the authors I turned to when I started walking the path: Scott Cunningham gives an excellent overview of just what Wicca is 'all about', while Starhawk is a very respected Pagan author, specializing in goddess religions and generalized paganism.

In a more generalized sense, I strongly suggest reading up on the historical influences that helped shape Wicca in its formative years.

And, as Quintessence suggested, ask your coven if they have any books that they find particularly enlightening. Seek out experienced coveners and don't be afraid to ask questions.

In the way of advice, here's my three-point list:

1. If it sounds like a bunch of bull-puckey, it probably is. Use your common sense and be watchful.

2. Stay far, far away from coven politicking. Don't take sides in anyone's personal squabbles. As Mark Twain once said, 'it's easier to stay out than get out'.

3. Always ask more questions. Never stop learning. Don't be afraid to question what you're told. Remember Rule 1.

Of course, if I can be of any help while you take your first steps, don't hesitate to ask.

Bright Blessings,



Hellenismos, BTW
What does this coven identify as its practice (specifically beyond basically "wiccan")? My impression is they’re eclectic (? that’s a question) and/or newly formed with no real experience in providing training.

Typically, training covens have an established curriculum to compliment their religious practices. It’s very peculiar for them to suggest you study on your own (that’s what your post seems to imply) and not offer any recommended reading. Do they not offer any instructional classes?

There is a glut of garbage books about “Wicca” and a few worthwhile books. I can offer some basic choices, though in part it would depend on the focus of the group (if you’re still intent on pursuing it), your personal interests, and your level of existing knowledge.


Well-Known Member
Some of the references here are worth following up:
But Wiccan are such a diverse lot that you really do need to get advice from the coven.

It's also worth reading some general background like
The case for polytheism / S. Dillon
A world full of gods / J. M. Greer.
The tree of life / I. Regardie [magic from a basically Thelemite point of view