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My Unitarian "Creed"


Happiness is a journey, not a destination.
I firmly believe in one Benevolent, intelligent, omnipresent God who is personal. He is not a trinity but a unity. He was directly involved in the evolutionary process and rules via natural laws, which i call divine providence. All prayer, weather intercessory or affirmative, thanksgiving or praise, should be directed to Him alone. I view the bible allegorically, metaphorically and metaphysically. Lastly, Hell is a state of eternal separation from God, not a place of punishment.


Witness for Jehovah
Premium Member

There are very many divergent views of Christianity on here. And other religions, of course.

The unitarian view is supported by a few on RF.

I actually am a worshipper of Jesus’ Father, Yahweh / Jehovah, as I believe the First-Century Christians were (Acts of the Apostles 4:24-31); they were following Jesus’ example, doing what he did.
Take care....enjoy your time on here!
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