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My decision


Well-Known Member
I'm taking a break. I had a decision to make that weather or not I claim my new guy friend as a friend should be a decision is because I have had to share personal information with my group, I am in with him. I have a past and unfortunately women with a past in this country don't always have the ability to create new relationships because of the nature of our country being sexist.

So there is no new guy friend. I don't know that sharing info with this group is safe I do know that sharing info with OA is safe. So, I will probably back off of having a guy friend in that group for a while till I feel it is safer. Over Eaters Anonymous will be my only guy friend place, because I know OA is safe. This does not mean I won't change my mind and decide that the other place is safe. But for now, I will probably back off. Only OA guy friends.