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Movement Toward Socialism and National Debt in the USA.


Christian Evolutionist
We do have a large debt, this is true. But you can't blame that on socialism, since socialists have never held power in the United States. It's the capitalists and their political allies who have been driving the train - and that includes all the results and consequences - both positive and negative.

I don't really see anything inherently wrong in "idealism, community, human rights, equality, and fair treatment." These are qualities indicative of human advancement and maturity, but if humanity can't handle that and ends up regressing to more primitive ways of thinking, that would be to humanity's discredit. That could lead to even more severe consequences. I don't know about you, but I would rather there not be another world war.
I'm an idealist who is on board with equal rights, humanitarian efforts, and fair treatment. These are beneficial concepts when appropriately utilized and applied. We can blame lots of things for our debts and socialism isn't one of them...directly speaking. Concepts are powerful or can be. Martyrdom, for example, with anticipated reward for being a martyr has proven to be a powerful concept. The Pursuit of happiness another, freedom, liberty, independence others, and so is the concept of a broader distribution of wealth with less effort involved by the recipients.
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