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Mental Health propaganda vs Imam Sajjad (a)


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Imam Ali son of Hussain Zainal Abideen (a) was chosen out of all creation to teach all us how to pray to God. Use his prayers, they will heal the falsehood of the Jibt and Taghut, and defeat all lies of psychology and mental health propaganda.


הרב יונה בן זכריה

Respectful question - what do you consider to be lies of psychology and mental health propaganda?


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Why don't you choose whichever approach you think will best explain your position?
I will go short route:

"belief in that which has been hidden" vs "it's in your head, a reaction to hardship in life makes you believe in God and that which has been hidden"
"wealth and living in ease while ignoring the plight of oppressed and poor is a guarantee for hardening the heart and God removing his light from that soul" vs "rich people are education and tend to be more non-religious while poor and oppressed take the drug of religion to make them happy"
"the blaming soul is a hard stage needed to get to the soul that is at peace and serene" vs "shame is bad and destructive and counter-productive"
"even if he offers excuses" vs "excuses all legit, we got to understand them not dismiss them"
"sanity, sexual orientation, and traits of a human's talent (particular to them yet build in a similar so connecting structure to all humans) are God's trust and light from him and treasures from him to be properly held on to and not twisted and disoriented from their balance and place" vs "nothing wrong with homosexuality (even though proportion of mental health problems and suicide is so significantly higher in this population among other things), nothing wrong with going insane, nothing wrong with despairing and commiting suicde, nothing wrong with given into grief" - in short our afflictions although not without context, are up to us to destroy and better yet, keep them from afflicting us in the first place.
"God's power dispels dark magic and guides to the truth of his connecting names (peace be upon their holy souls, the Guides in the journey <3) and is a proof of himself manifest in existence beyond doubt" vs "magical thinking is by-product of the brain"
"We exist only in God's vision and his judgment defines our actions with respect to us and no one else does" vs "it's all in the head, norms, were it not for society norms, we would not believe in God or think bad of sexual promiscuity or being naked in front of everyone else"
"God's name is the cure for the self type of illnesse" vs "There is no cure, take meds like diabetes approach (You stuck with illness and you have to take meds for life""
"IF we believe in the connecting sign and ladder as we ascend in the unseen journey and rely on guides we will get to God and God will connect us through the family of the reminder" vs "You are going crazy if you witness something others don't see around you"

I can keep going. But there is very little in intersection between psychology and Islam. Even where there is, our context and angle is different.

The question should be what is true of psychology. I'm guessing maybe a few things, but probably nothing.