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Consults with Trees
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Last week, I wrapped up a read through of the highly praised "Psychic Witch" by Mat Auryn. It's billed as the book everyone wishes they had starting off as a newbie practitioner of witchcraft, connecting together the realms of psychic perception (ESP) and witchcraft into one neat little package. I'd held off on getting the book for some time, but picked it up as part of my Ovate Grade studies since it felt like a natural fit for what I was going to be working on that grade. It wasn't, which I might get into later, but I wanted to kick of a discussion based on this somewhat overrated book on the relationship between psychic perception and spellcraft or the practice of magic more generally.

When you practice magic, do you feel you are tapping into extrasensory perceptions or psychic abilities (e.g., clairvoyance, clairsentience) in any way? Why or why not?

If you've happened to have read Auryn's book, feel free to comment on that as well.


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I'm not sure what you determine is magic or not, but when I worship, offer and /or formulate chants/charms to ask for assistance/influence the force I tap into depends upon the what I am seeking. If it's family related I will petition my ancestors, if it is my local environment I will petition my local wights and if it is directly relate to the gods/esses I honour I will offer to them and hope for their reciprocation.

The Hammer

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I haven't read this book. And I am miles behind on my TBR list, but I would say that in some ways, yes a person conducting magic are in fact tapping into ESP. Divination can be seen as clairvoyance for instance.

Although, not all magic involves ESP components. Some magic is utilizing Will to influence the world, which I'm not sure would be an ESP phenomenon... Psychic, as in produced via mental processes, yes, not psychic as in any of the claires'