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Lectio Divina Session (3/29/2020)


Love everyone, meditate often
1. Lectio- Luke 9:6 NIV
2. Meditatio-
"So they set out"- The disciples of Jesus went out from experiencing Jesus' presence to doing ministry.
"and went from village to village,"- The disciples of Jesus were not tied to doing ministry in one place.
"proclaiming the good news"- Acting out the Gospel is the proclamation of it.
"and healing people"- Healing happens through the name of Jesus, because of what Jesus represents, love.
"everywhere."- The world needs people who will love fearlessly.
3. Contemplatio-
I think above all, God just wants me to be authentic as I can be with people. The Gospel is not a control mechanism, rather, it is an empowerment mechanism that gives people the power to love one another. The love that I am seeking is found right where I am, because the Gospel is that God is with us. No one is too far gone, you and I are not broken beyond repair. Let that sink in. God loves you and there's nothing wrong with you.
4. Oratio
Pray if you want to for those struggling with illness today and pray for peace in society.

Thanks guys. ***Disclaimer: I have not done this to proselytize but to merely give people motivation and hope for the week ahead.***