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Islamic Polygamy On The Way Out?


Active Member
Guess what? You get to lead your own life the way you want to. :)
I know. I want to live it the way Allah wants me to - this isn't about me.

The reason man is allowed to marry four wives is to protect all women. It is prophesied toward the end times there will be significantly more women than men in the world. Which already is and has been so in certain areas in the world.

I have heard similar to what you say from Christian apologists. It is nothing but lies to say Muhammad committed to such sin and weakness. Not that he was infallible - he wasn't, but this is way far from Islamic belief.


Active Member
Please tell me whether they perform male circumcision and whether it's in the Qu'Ran. Also, since I am not Sunni Muslim, you may tell me to leave if you desire.
Male circumcision is a sunnah (recommended) but no type of circumcision is mentioned in the Qu'ran.
Really? Could you give a reference for this? I've never heard of any Qur'anic statement either way on this matter.
So there's no male circumcision? Don't they trim pubic hair to make it harder for a young man to enjoy masturbation? What would be the point if they didn't circumcise?
That sounds odd. If a young man shaves his pubic hair he does it himself. Secondly in islam, if a person is unmarried and feels a lot of sexual urges, they may be recommended to not shave their pubic hair which is considered to help on some way. As shaving the hair regularly is also a sunnah.