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Impersonating Christ

rational experiences

Veteran Member
Men said when Venus is seen brighter from earths water mass view. It's a warning. Less water now exists for life's survival. Water deflects light heat.

Life's sacrifice in water is near.

As space womb is feminine so was planet Venus inferred feminine. Warning about mother's heated abomination to veils...gas spirits.

Morning light is cooler.

Natural position Venus should not be seen as a bright star as pre warning to our heavens gas mass body loss. Is a very bright increasing bright Venus.

If we lose gas. We lose water. As UFO sun mass body enlarged. Angels gods get seen falling leaving the clouds as images like man the theist rich lords Kings were who invented the sciences.

Story human about humans as humans who as men did not behave as the holy first human father. Never a titled man. Became lords and kings by mind status. Who murdered us all in heavens satanic combustion sacrifice.

King lord man said I was innocent man too...I was never the body of evil the fall.

Ignored as you're too busy self Idolating a man's title as king lord of the heavens.

Fact king lord theories about the heavens said why man removed gods status protecting biology. Sacrificed life on grounds stone altar. As rich men in choice by controls.

Just as witnessed today in phenomena biology attack.

How would you like to be the victim. Holy cattle a witness to biology phenomena attack. Said the Veda indian history.

Why they made a vow a cow is God and holy to appease God above. Knowing they caused sun UFO fall named it chariots of Fire.