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How to Get Good Life: Starting from this World into Hereafter, in Accordance with Divine Pleasure


Peace be upon you.
Peace and mercy of Allah be on you.

"Know that the life of this world is only a sport and a pastime, and an adornment, and a source of boasting among yourselves, and of rivalry in multiplying riches and children. This life is like the rain, the vegetation produced whereby rejoices the tillers. Then it dries up and thou seest it turn yellow; then it becomes broken pieces of straw. And in the Hereafter there is severe punishment, and also forgiveness from Allah, and His pleasure. And the life of this world is nothing but temporary enjoyment of deceitful things." [Translation of verse 21, Surah Al-Hadid]

Allah the Exalted, in Holy Quran at various places, has drawn our attention, rather warned that the apparent life of this world, its comforts, amenities, wealth and provisions are all temporary things. And their status is no more than a sport and amusement for heart. A human who is unmindful of Allah the Exalted and of objective of his life, he can lean to these things of earthliness but a momin who has high aims, and should have so, he is far above these things. He makes effort to find high aim, nearness of Allah the Exalted and His love.

We claim to be in the Jama'at and in the Bai'at of Imam of this age - The Promised Messiah, The Covenanted Mahdi who came according to the prophecy of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him)….Our thinking should be certainly high. We who are called Ahmadis, will become real Ahmadi when we will not make temporary and earthly desires and delight our aim. The world is arrested in these delights and Satan has made its bases at all places and tries to attract the every dwellers of this world toward itself. We should avoid it with our full effort. Our purpose should never be to achieve worldly wealth and to get benefit from worldly delights because the end of these things is not good.

Allah the Exalted, giving example of these worldly things, says that these are like growing crop but become dried fine particles in the end and fast winds blow them. Likewise the end of earthly people happens. Neither the abundance of their assets and wealth nor their progenies work for them, some lose these things in this very world. And if their worldly ending seems better then due to their indulgence in worldly pastime and leaving the place empty, in selves, regarding God the Exalted and faith, He gives them punishment in incoming accountability in hereafter. Yes, some people have such virtues that Allah the Exalted covers and treats them with forgiveness. The mercy of Allah the Exalted is very vast, under it, some people get divine-fate, His pleasure.

But it should be remembered that Allah the Exalted says that you should remember do not consider this life is everything. The real life is life after death, that is why to get pleasure of Allah the Exalted and for good end, connection with Allah the Exalted and to follow His commandments is very essential.

And when human makes effort to get pleasure of Allah the Exalted and walks on the way told by Him, then not only his end become good but he gets this world too. Allah the Exalted does not say that you should not get benefit from bounties made by Him. He surely says that you should not be occupied so much in getting these worldly things that you lose attention about obligations of deen and right of Allah the Exalted.

Hazrat Promised Messiah (On whom be peace) says: The people who come for God the Exalted they leave the world. By it, meaning is that they do not declare the world their objective and standard…The world become their servant and slave…..Those people who, in contrast to it, declare the world their real objective even if they obtain the world as much, eventually they are disgraced and ruined.

This is not an old time thing, but these days too when it is thought that world’s economic system is very firm, and great banks exist too, despite that it happens that people who do business with support of banks, they lose their works and businesses. Rather it is seen that banks too suffer extreme losses and daily news come that somewhere banks lay off or decreasing workers, at other places banks shut down branches in cities. Large companies lay off their employees, employees and loan-giving banks drag these companies to courts, there companies have to prove bankruptcy of their businesses, their assets are sold and they reduce to pennilessness.

The effects of economical decline of 2008 are still lingering. Huge businesses went bankrupt. Even the governments too were affected. Oil producing countries used to think their wealth would never finish but it did. What turned out for them, governments had to reduce their spending, laid the employees off. It is unfortunate of Muslim countries that Allah the Exalted granted them the wealth but instead kings rulers and political leaders had made it way to get pleasure of Allah the Exalted by following His directives, they wasted it in luxuries and still doing so. Instead, with oil related and other wealth, they would have made effort to save human, poor Muslim countries, stand other countries at their feet too, end hunger and deficiencies of people of their own countries, they did not pay attention to it and became busy in filling their safe-boxes and still same. As the result, they are being humiliated before the world but do not realize, and they are not having eye on the Hereafter, about whose torment Allah the Exalted has warned, which is severe and humiliating wrath.

Anyway, it cannot be denied that worldly wealth whether it is related to individual, big businesspersons, large companies or to governments, the wrong use of it bring in the catch of Allah the Exalted. He may punish either in this world and in the next at both places, or He may let people get temporary benefit in this world but give punishment in next world. So it is station of great fear which every wise human, a real Muslim, especially he who believe in Allah the Exalted should always keep in view.

Not only apparently but there should be a pain and effort in worships and in following commandants of Allah the Exalted. Sayers would say we offer Salaat-s, do worships, and keep fasts, if we do efforts to get bounties of Allah the Exalted then what is bad in it?

Firstly, sincerity and loyalty should be in worships, as it is said by Allah the Exalted….Secondly, the rights of creatures of Allah the Exalted should be paid by bounties. What is at ours; to go for leisurely trips, kings of countries take airplane fleet and huge things with them with expenses of many million dollars. And there are poor in their countries who get one time meal with difficulty. It is being away from commandment of Allah the Exalted. On one hand, saying name of Allah the Exalted but at the same time, denying His commandments, makes doers station of His punishment. It is apparent pastime, waste-sports, beauty, arrogance, non-permitted manifestation of wealth. For such people Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said: Apparent Salaat, Fasting - if sincerity and truthfulness is not with it – have no goodness in it.

And for the Salaat-s of such people Allah the Exalted says in Holy Quran “fawaillullil mosallin” i.e. woe to such Salaat-offeres. In fact, Allah the Exalted wants such worships and deeds from us which should improve our spiritual conditions, we should pay rights of people with such passion which create pain in us, not that we boast favour done to others. Such worships then absorb favour of Allah the Exalted. Such wealth then makes one recipient of His favours.

Allah the Exalted has not stopped to earn worldly wealth and things. The bounties made by Him are surely permitted for believers with the condition they are achieved through permitted means, and they do not become obstruction in the path of deen, paying rights of creature and in offering worships.

Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) was anxious about his Ummah -- that the pure revolution, he developed in his companions and as they understood the spirit of giving precedence to deen -- lest this passion is not lost in Muslims of future. Thus, Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) said on an occasion that the most I am anxious about my Ummah is that my Ummah would follow desires and would get involved in make extensive plans of worldly expectations, and as the result of following these desires it would go away from truth. The plans of earning world would make careless about Akherat (Hereafter). He (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) said that O people this world has tied means for journey and Akherat too is prepared to come. [explanation: The journey for both sides is started. The world is moving to its conclusion. Qayamt would come and accountability would take place in Hereafter. There, preparation is underway] Each of both have some slaves and servants. So if you have capacity that you should not be servant of world then you must do so. At this time you are in the house of act and yet time for accountability has not come. But tomorrow you shall be in the house of Hereafter and there will be no act.

The act whose result would come, these are to be done in this world that is why correct your deeds. Thus this world is the house of act. The acts done in this world will become means of reward or punishment in next world. So how much fortunate are those from us who remember these words of Allah the Exalted that the life of this world is only a sport and a pastime, and an adornment, and a source of boasting among yourselves, and of rivalry in multiplying riches and children. ….It status is not more than dried straws which become powder and wind take it away.

The real thing is to get pleasure of Allah the Exalted, and this very thing is said by Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) that do virtuous deeds so that you get pleasure of Allah the Exalted. The Companions (may Allah be pleased with them) always were in search that how, and which means they should learn and understand, which make them recipient of Allah the Exalted and doers of good deeds. They would ask Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) about it. Thus once a person came in respect of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) and said O Messenger of Allah please tell me such work when I do it Allah the Exalted love me and other people like me. He (s.a.w.) said: Be inclination-free and independent of the world, Allah the Exalted will begin to love you. Leave desire of what people possess. Do not see wealth of people with greedy eye, people will begin to love you.



Peace be upon you.
To be inclination-free of world does not mean human should desert society or world, should not marry, should not pay rights of spouse and children; leave the existing work, and sit idle, should not do hard work in worldly jobs, be sadhu (abstinent, ascetic)…..Islam does not want this. The Model of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) is before us. He did marry and paid rights of wives. He did have children and paid their rights too. Wealth too came to him, he possessed herds of goats. Traditions tell sometimes he gave these herds to some watching-with-interest non-believe without worry. As the result he became Muslim…….. Despite he (s.a.w.) possessed all things, he (s.a.w.) paid rights of Allah and people. He (s.a.w.) said it is essential to follow my Sunnah, do not desert world and keep these things in view as I do…

Thus we should understand, it means that world should not hinder our worships and following the commandments of Allah the Exalted. The indulgence in earning wealth should not make us careless about worshiping Allah the Exalted. Similarly we should not see other’s wealth with greed because this eye of greed creates thoughts to hurt others. The discord in the world is due to it. The big worldly powers caste such eyes of greed on small countries to make them subordinate to get benefit of their natural resources. So clash in world starts, among individuals or big countries, when wealth of others is seen with greedy sight. That is why it is said contentment should be developed in you, do not see others with greed…..Yes use your capabilities and skill, do hard work. If a person does hard work, then there is no harm in earning wealth with the condition that this wealth should not become barrier in paying rights of Allah the Exalted and His servants.

No-inclination to world is explained by Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him ). He said: No-inclination to world and zohad (non indulgence in world) is not this, that person makes a permitted as non-permitted for himself and destroy his wealth. But the zohad is that you should have more trust for reward and bountifulness of Allah than your wealth and when a trouble come to you, your sight should be focused at the reward for it, and you consider troubles, a means of reward.

Troubles come to human, one should not be so grieved for waste of wealth due to those but think, perhaps Allah the Exalted is examining one with it and one will get reward of it too…. So the real things is that, at the loss of worldly wealths, a human should not grieve so much, from which stink of making associate of God come. There are business men who lose senses at financial loss, some do suicide. If one has trust at God the Exalted and has contentment, then this state never arises….Thus Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) wants these levels of no-inclination to world and zohad from us, the believers, the people of his Ummah.

It is favour of Allah the Exalted in this era that He has granted this understanding to many Ahmadis, due to believing Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace), that worldly loss have no value for them. They understand they should turn to Allah the Exalted more than before in these situations. Thus we see that in Pakistan and at other places too, businesses of thousands and hundreds thousands were destroyed and burnt by opponents. In a time, a primes minister of Pakistan said he would put beggar’s bowl in the hand of Ahmadis and now they would keep begging as he had done so….But those Ahmadis had tawkkal at Allah the Exalted they neither asked anything from government nor took beggar bowl to anyone. Due to trust at Allah the Exalted their destroyed businesses of thousands and hundreds thousands turned into multi millions. These examples strengthen emans (faith) of Ahmadis and these should develop realization in Ahmadis [who have migrated due to their condition and who live in developed countries] that after the migration, the betterment in finances granted by Allah the Exalted in only His favour. As this is favour of Allah the Exalted and is due to Bai'at of Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace), then our better condition should not cause any kind of pride.

We should not fall upon riches and wealth like earthly people. We should not watch wealth of others with greedy eyes. Rather according to saying of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him), if anything is to be seen with envy, we should see religion-wise better person than us….Then try to be same or better.

Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) has explained this subject [that upto what extent we should adopt worldly occupations and wealths] in detail in the light of Holy Quran and by understating words of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him), as he (a.s.) understood these most of all. He (on whom be peace) said on an occasion: God the Exalted has allowed occupations of the world because trial comes from this path too. [i.e. if one is not doing worldly work, financial conditions are very bad then too trial comes, person get arrested in troubles ] and due to this trial human then becomes thief, gambler, thug, dacoit and adopts what else bad habits. But there is limit of everything. Adopt worldly occupations to the limit that they develop means of help for you in the path of deen. And its purpose should be deen. [earn world but fear and Taqwa of Allah the Exalted and teaching of deen should be before you all the time] We do not stop from worldly occupations too, and do not say either that by indulging in worldly matters day and night, fill the place for God the Exalted with world. [i.e. it should not be so that you forget God, remain busy with internet at times of Salaats, watching films or any other worldly program, no] If anyone does so, he provides means of deprivation, and mere claim remains at his tongue [i.e. not real Bai'at, only claim, not eman]. In short, live in company of alive so that you see the manifestation of Alive God.

At an occasion, Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said: Anyone should not think that human should not keep concern and connection with the world. It is not my purpose and Allah the Exalted does not prohibit to gain the world. Rather Islam has stopped abstention (from world), it is work of cowards. The relations of believer are as much vast, these cause his high stations [i.e. there should be relations of world but world should not be the aim] because his goal is deen and world and its wealth and honour is servant of deen. So the real thing is that the world itself should not be purpose, rather in getting world the real aim should be deen and the world should be obtained in way that it should be servant of deen, as human take ride and provision for travel with him to go from a place to other, his actual aim is to reach wanted-destination not the ride and needs for the path. Likewise human should get the world but as considering servant of world.



Peace be upon you.
In this continuity, Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) says about the pray taught by Allah the Exalted in Holy Quran: Allah the Exalted taught the teaching that “rabbana aatena fiddunya hasanatan wa fil aakherate hasanatan …………” In it, world is given priority but which world? hasanatan dunya (goodness in world), the hasanat of world which should cause hasanah of hereafter. By the teaching of this pray it is clearly understood that believer should consider hasanatul akhera in getting world. And with it, in the word hasanatuddunya all that best means of getting world is included which a momin muslim should adopt for getting world. Get the world from every way, by adopting which, there is only beneficence and goodness, not that way which should cause trouble-giving to any other human, cause of any disgrace and shame among fellow human. Such the world no doubt become cause of hasanatul akherah (goodness in hereafter).

Mentioning punishment and Jahhanum, He (a.s.) says: It should be understood what is Jahannum. A Jahannum is that which is promised by Allah the Exalted, after death. Secondly if this life is not for God the Exalted then it is Jahannum. Allah the Exalted does not become caretaker of such human to save him from trouble and to give comfort. Do not think that any …..wealth or government, assets and honour, abundance of children, become cause of any comfort, satisfaction and tranquility for any person and he is wo dam naqad bahisht [i.e. these things do not give jannat]. That satisfaction, consolation and tranquality which is from rewards of Jannat, are not obtained by these things. These can be obtained by living and dying in God only [i.e. thesecan only be obtained when Allah the Exalted is always considered. If human get worldly hasanat according to directives of Allah the Exalted, only then, hasanat of akherat will be obtained. If it is not thought always that God is watching me, till then human cannot do act. ], for it advice of Prophets (on them be peace) especially Ibrahim (a.s.), Yaqub (a.s.) was this, that “la tamutunna illa wa intum muslemun” that is never die but in the state that you are obedient [i.e. human does not know, and living and dying in not in human’s hand, it means that all the times eyes should be at directives of Allah the Exalted and hereafter is thought.]. Worldly pleasures produce a kind of impure greed and increase the demand and thirst, the thirst is not quenched like sick who has illness of thirst [his thirst does not end till he is finished while keep drinking water, like wise is matter of seeking world which never ends] till they die. So this fire of improper griefs is among the fire of that fire of Jahannum [worldly desires and griefs are fire and Jahannum] which does not let the heart of human get comfort and peace but keep him entangled in an uncertainty and anxiety. That is why this matter should never remain hide from eyes of my friends that human should not become such insane and absent in mind, in the passion and intoxication of love of assets and wealth or wife and children, that a curtain should come between him and God the Exalted. That is why assets and children are called fitna, from them a hell is prepared for human, and when he is pulled away from them he show severe unrest and perplexity, and like it this thing that “narullahil muqadatullati tattalo alal afeda” [i.e. kindled fire by Allah which reaches inside hearts] does not remain words of mouth but take shape of reality. So this fire which fully burns human heart and make it more dark and black than a burnt coal, it is same love of other-than-Allah [i.e love of other than Allah become fire and jahannum in this world]

Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah be helper) prayed: Thus, may eases of these countries and comforts should not make us careless from worship of God the Exalted, should not deprive us paying His rights. May our good economical conditions should never deprive us paying rights of our brethrens who have weak financial conditions. Likewise, may we play our role in propagation and conveying the message of Islam, may we should not forget this purpose. The purpose of coming in Bai'at of Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) is to pay rights of Allah the Exalted and rights of people and the right of conveying Message should be fulfilled. By it, we can fulfill the purpose of giving precedence to deen over world. May Allah the Exalted do that we always keep searching for His pleasure and deceptive life of world should never dominate us. May we are saved from Jahannum of this world and of Hereafter. Favour and pleasure of Allah the Exalted may make this world Jannat for us and may we get Jannat in Hereafter too. [Aameen]

[Two recent martyrs were mentioned, one was a businessman, other was a brilliant female professor of molecular genetics science]

Reference: Based on Friday sermon (May 5, 2017) by Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah help him with His Mighty Help) , UK, alislam.org -- mta.tv