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How much socializing should be done?


Well-Known Member
Sense were really partly about getting to know ourselves,we should be able to be alone with ourselves, but some groups are very social. I prefer being social. One group I went to,Ive only been to 2, had volunteers work with each other, we have vegetarian lunch together and tea so it was pretty social.

I started going to this Museum Asian Museum and I thought it wasn't social. If you go to their meditation class, its like most of the people are knew to meditation, they seem to take 1 or 2 classes and quit, so theyre not people I can depend on to support my practice, and really we have the session and leave its not too social.

But then I started reading stuff about the Museum on the net, they have people who financially support the museum, Asian festivals, get together doing different stuff, art classes, Tai Chi Yoga different classes, lectures, celebrations festivals. Wow!

So some of the festivals are religious celebrating Buddha, so I believe I should be able to meet people here and go to the different socials they have eventually I'm not ready for it yet. But its nice, should be able to make some friends I hope, maybe one day a boyfriend. Its pretty cool.

But I know too I shouldn't be dependant on socializing at my Zen meditation group, I cant help it I'm a social person I want to socialize. Just wondering if other socialize at their group.
I think that if you want to be more social that's OK, and if you prefer not to be social, that's OK to. There's room in Buddhism for both types of people.


Well-Known Member
Thanks. I was really talking more about how the different groups handle it. Some do the sitting thats it and leave.

But Ive also been tot he ones that have tea afterwards and talk to each other go around the room then and before and after have people who do chores and help clean the Sangha.

At that one we sat around and talked before and after so I guess it just depends on each Sangha. Thanks for your response.