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How does Scripture define the left (Progressives) from the right (conservatives)?


Well-Known Member
If our predatory racket of a privatized, for-profit healthcare system that tends to drive people either into debt or into the grave is better than universal healthcare, then why do all of the other developed 1st world countries prefer it over ours?
If you are a Canadian or UK citizen, and you need supposedly first-rate medical care today, you go to the U.S. If you can wait a year, stay indoors, because you probably can't afford to pay the heat bill, and hope your rent (average $2000/month for Canada) doesn't exceed your means, and hope you can afford food. If you are in London, stay out of the no go parts of the city, and have a heavy coat to ward off knife attacks. If you want to live a "1st world" life, you will leave the Progressive Canada, and the UK and go to the U.S. before the U.S. becomes a total 3rd world Progressive/Marxist country. If you want to pay 70% taxes to get a better health care system, go to Sweden and hope their capitalized oil reserves hold out. With regard to the socialized oil rich Saudi Arabia, they see the writing on the wall, and are trying to get into another capitalized economy, in the form of high tech. Don't unpack your bags while in Saudi Arabia, because it won't work in a Muslim country.