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ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय
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Gays may function as backup child care providers and "babysitters" in a hunting-gathering species with a high mortality rate.

That's a theory that has gained ground.

Consider wolf packs. Only the alpha male and female can breed. All the others in the pack nurse and rear the pups, leaving the alpha pair free to breed.


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And consider the fact that many mammals and birds will adopt an orphaned juvenile or egg.

Homosexuality is also fairly common among mammals and avians. It's either functional or selectively neutral.

Shadow Wolf

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What I don't understand is how we came to develop what ever make's people Homosexual.When we evolve we develop things to increase our chances of reproduction, but Homosexuality stops us from being able to reproduce.
Because nature is very diverse. But also many animals, including bonobos, have sex for reasons not related to reproduction, and because humans are sexual creatures by design then it should be no surprise that we too crave sex for reasons that do not pertain to reproduction.


Does anyone know why people are Gay. Is it genetic or something?
There seems to be considerable evidence to support some time of genetic relationship to homosexuality. But, I do not understand why it makes any difference. If a person is gay, or blond, or obnoxious, it is what they are, who cares why? Not me!

I personally see no difference between a gay person and one who does not like chocolate--they have differences from some other humans, nothing more.