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Have you been guided to Nichiren Buddhism while in other path?


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It happened twice to me already that I called on master Eagle (Jupiter/Zeus I guess) for strength and for eye-health and he ended up guiding me to Nichiren Buddhism.

The first time was while trying a basic Shamanism (entering into trances or meditating on power animals). The second was while trying to stay in Wicca again these days.

Eagle's sign was that I found people who follow the Nichiren path in unexpected places. Here in Argentina it's not like in Japan; the most common people to find here are Christians and Atheists. So it's not often that you stumble upon a Nichiren Buddhist here.

The first time, I complained to Eagle that I couldn't stay in a path; no path is satisfying enough for me. So Eagle asked me with thoughts what I really wanted (what was it that I expected to achieve in a path). I answered him that what I really want is fulfilling my wishes. Maybe I should respect his suggestion and recite the Daimoku; although I see not all Nichiren Buddhists are agree with the "wish fulfilling" part of their path.

Do you feel you were also guided by a divine being to Nichiren Buddhism while in other path?