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Green eggs and ham therapy.


Veteran Member

Spiders actually were my greatest phobia growing up , because having more than two eyes, having 8 legs, fangs, venom, and carrying your house up your wazoo just kind of was a combination that freaked me out more than any other creature.

Even then I didn't kill them though. Not even if they were crawling on me in the middle of the night. I believed they were inherently good, just scary , and they growled at me in my nightmares and squeaked as they attacked me from behind doors. I would pull all their legs off and their fangs would have to be surgically removed (in my nightmares.)

Then I held them and realized "I like Green eggs and ham. I really like them Sam I am". You don't know until exposed properly. If all I did was run away from Green eggs and ham, I would still be scared of them.

Now I don't feel complete unless I have at least one.


Veteran Member
I'm currently wondering if you know of somewhere in the Twin Cities that sells adult female pink salmon birdeaters (Or male even, just they get killed when mating so I like females better. They are larger and live longer).

I just know that Twin Cities reptile store doesn't have any, and I'm looking for mature adults, so it would have to come from a non licensed place most likely.

Or Goliath bird eaters, but I'm not as fond of them because they flick venomous hairs that are really bad if it gets on your eyeball.

I just want the BIG spider. I've had a female Goliath before. Those are the largest in the world.


Pragmatic Libertarian
Premium Member
Now you like those spider bugs
Do you give them cuddly hugs?
Would you hug them in a box?
What if you were wearing sox?