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Goosebump-Inducing Movie Scenes

Debater Slayer

Staff member
Premium Member
I don't care what many critics and other people say about Godzilla: King of the Monsters. I still love a lot of the action sequences in it and the throwback soundtrack that borrows heavily from classic Godzilla movies. This scene in particular still gives me goosebumps (starting at 1:50, since I can't timestamp embedded videos):

What are some of your favorite goosebump-inducing scenes from any movie?


Rogue Animist
Premium Member
The sequence at the end of the original 1973 Westworld, as the Gunslinger walks down the dungeon hallway, face hidden in darkness then illuminated...and his pace slowly hastens until he is almost running...


Your beloved eccentric Auntie Cristal
Quite a few scenes from the Exorcist, although I loved the movie. And the climatic ending of Hereditary. The first time I watched Night of the Living Dead. Of course, I love stuff like that. Goosebumps are little signs of thrills. I can get them listening to music I really like.