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Featured God's Attitude Toward Homosexuality

Discussion in 'General Religious Debates' started by Skwim, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. IndigoChild5559

    IndigoChild5559 Tolkienite

    Aug 7, 2018
    Wow. I mean WOW. Now there's an example of ignorance and bigotry. There are many reasons for being fat. It's not a will power thing. You can't just tell a person to lose weight and think that they can do so. Yes it is dangerous. So is diabetes, but we won't be outlawing diabetes either.
  2. loganonekenobi

    Jun 26, 2015
    vulcan logic
    There are many times when i want to say "wow. I mean wow" when some one says with absolute conviction that their position is correct when i have clearly showed overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
    I recognize from you last two answers that you tried to belittle the importance of the effects of bullying and then tried to use the tu quo fallacy by calling me a bigot.
    However, the facts remain.
    1) bullying is a problem that does affect children, adults, and society in harmful ways. We should be talking about ways to prevent it
    2) obesity is a major health problem that affects children, adults and society in harmful ways. we should be talking about ways to prevent this.
    3) allowing the LGBT community equal rights does not harm children, adults, or society. Why is this even a problem?
    The answer of course is that some where in the past some one wrote about his bigotry against people that were different. He claimed that a divine being told him so. Now, even in a world that should be well past this sort of thing, many are still willing to buy this guy's story with out a shred of good evidence
    I will hold him (or them) to the same fire of evidence that I hold all people and ideas to.
    Asking some one to lose the fat is tough but it can be done. I myself am doing it and succeeding. By no means is it easy. Yet, it is a far easier thing than to demand that some one live with out love.
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