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Eternal Awareness

Discussion in 'Monism' started by SpiritQuest, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. SpiritQuest

    SpiritQuest The Immortal Man

    Oct 23, 2016

    Space is awareness.

    The totality of existence can be described as "all is vibration" and all is one.

    At one end of this spectrum is the infinite extension of space where the wavelength is infinite and the frequency of vibration is zero.

    At the other end of the spectrum is the singularity of space where the wavelength is zero and the frequency of vibration is infinite.

    All of the different vibrations overlap and are connected with all the others. All is One.

    Every night during sleep we may dream but then we also enter deep sleep, where awareness returns to the infinite expanse of space, then it collapses again into finite awareness after deep sleep.

    As the mind spiritually awakens its frequency of vibration is increased. Perfect stillness is zero vibration on one end of the spectrum and infinite vibration on the other end; Alpha and Omega are different and the same.

    The ego does not actually exist except as a useful thought concept to aid in spiritual teachings, meditations and awakening.

    There is the pull towards unconsciousness and the pull towards awakening.

    Falling below thought: The perfect stillness and unconsciousness of the infinite expanse only knows itself as the infinite awareness with no objects.

    Rising above thought: The perfect stillness of the awakened state that knows itself as both an individual and the totality.

    Rupert Spira talks about deep sleep.

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    URAVIP2ME Veteran Member

    Aug 17, 2009
    I find we experience enough deep sleep that while in such sleep we are Not aware of the passing of time, just as the ' sleeping dead ' are Not aware of anything, or as Ecclesiastes 9:5 says the dead know nothing. Nothing but sleep as mentioned at Psalms 115:17; Psalms 146:4. So, to me that is why Jesus taught sleep in death at John 11:11-14.
    Sleep in death's sleep until Resurrection Day meaning Jesus' coming 'millennium-long day' of governing over Earth.
  3. ajay0

    ajay0 Well-Known Member

    Oct 25, 2012
    Jesus also holds present moment Awareness as a valuable teaching in the bible...

  4. Gohelwan alien Vega 17b

    May 12, 2018
    SpiritQuest It might be better to talk about Space and the Totality of Existence as Projections and Injections of Intensities or Energies. From Absolute sense vibration alone may not cover all apparent complexity. Counter intuitively if a thing is conditioned by cause alone and anywhere in it we can only find cause then ironically that thing is Causeless. The Absolute having no beginning or end has no vibration when taken as a totality. Pure Consciousness does not do anything but Pure Consciousness.
  5. tayla

    tayla My dog's name is Tayla

    Mar 28, 2018
    I don't see how this model explains such things as love, life, thought, consciousness, beauty, and etc. For example, saying a tree is vibration doesn't help explain its beauty.