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Energy wars/OPEC ....call in the Military.


Active Member
Before the pacifist Liberals attack me with clubs. The Military and Navy have some of the best engineers and manpower. They can put up land and sea wind turbines quickly and lots of them. No bad intent/wars here.

OPEC are putting up the price of oil. They will do so again and again and again.

Climate change is a big problem. See India/Pakistan and Australia last month.Liberals and others must support anti climate change measures.

If there is oil led world recession like the 70’s big problems. For example, countries like China will struggle to sell goods to the West. This will make for unstable politics. Arab states will build big tourist attractions for people who cannot afford to go. The whole world suffers.

Government including the UK spent a fortune on the last crisis. Now they are likely to do so annually for energy bills for Business and households. This could be a self-defeating and repeating cycle.

What would be well spent. Is money on extensive wind/energy farms. This infra structure will belong to the country and is an asset. The IMF and analysts like Fitch and Stanley and Poor might actually improve debt interest credit ratings. This on grounds it is investment resulting in savings. It would stave off a recession. It will help set lower benchmark prices for the future.

What do Liberals think should be the response to OPEC cartel raising prices?


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I have this wild theory that a multi-nation war of conquest in the Middle East against all the biggest oil producers might cause a prolonged disruption of oil production and...raise the prices of oil? And cost trillions of dollars to pull off, like the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan did?

This is wild, I know. But what if we...reduced our dependence on fossil fuels by investing in renewable energy, thus driving down the demand for oil and subsequently driving down its price?

Most of the major oil producers in the world are dictatorships, and most of the remaining dictatorships and theocracies in the world are major oil producers. This is because whoever controls all the oil ends up with all the money, and all the power, and they can treat their citizens like vermin and it doesn't affect their power or their bottom line. Weaning the world off oil will be good for everyone, in many different ways.

It Aint Necessarily So

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What do Liberals think should be the response to OPEC cartel raising prices?

If you can't afford it, use less fossil fuel. I support any change that reduces fossil fuel consumption, including decreasing supply and raising its cost. Also, for those having difficulty with the increased costs, let them adapt. Let people drive less, carpool more, fly less, take staycations, and work from home or move closer to work.