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Does God Make Mistakes?


Jesus in me
Do you do everything a book tells you? Yes scripture says Jesus is a demigod.
A demigod has a sky-father God as a father - Yahweh and a mortal earth woman as a mother, - Mary.
Herecles had Zeus as a father who impregnated a mortal woman, hence, demigod. This pairing is very common in the theology of that time and place.

I do not believe Jesus is a demigod. I believe He is God in the flesh.


Well-Known Member
I do not believe Jesus is a demigod. I believe He is God in the flesh.

That is what the religion has taught you. All the other dying/rising saviors were myths about other Gods taking flesh? Weird that God decided to take on the form of myths that were really popular before Jesus and only in cultures that interacted with Israel? To make it really seem like it's just religious stories influencing others. How nice of God to disguise himself exactly like a syncretic myth and use all Greek and Persian legends and theology.

If Jesus had a mortal mother and God father he was a demigod. If it was God in the flesh then God came into the flesh as a demigod.

Raymond Brown the Christian scholar and expert on John did not think Jesus was God. He does not agree with that interpretation. It's fiction at any rate.

Raymond Edward Brown SS (May 22, 1928 – August 8, 1998) was an American Sulpician priest and prominent biblical scholar. He was regarded as a specialist concerning the hypothetical "Johannine community", which he speculated contributed to the authorship of the Gospel of John, and he also wrote influential studies on the birth and death of Jesus. Brown was professor emeritus at Union Theological Seminary (UTS) in New York where he taught for 29 years. He was the first Catholic professor to gain tenure there, where he earned a reputation as a superior lecturer.[1]

Brown was one of the first Catholic scholars in the United States to use the historical-critical method to study the Bible.[5]