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Cosmogony 101 Lab, Final Exam Project and Notes "Contra Liberum Arbitrium"


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One of the problems within cosmology is that 99.9999% of observation is based on light; spectrum of energy signals, instead of matter. Matter is not directly touched, but rather it is inferred from the energy signals we see. Nature evolved humans to have 5 senses as checks and balances, yet most of cosmology is based on using only one sense; sight using tools as glasses.

Reference is relative, based on the light we see. However, reference is not relative with respect to the matter, if you take into account the conservation of energy. Relative reference is really about the limitations of observation, in deep space, based on being limited to using only the sense of sight. Virtual reality looks real to the eyes; energy signals, but if you try to touch it to feel the matter, it is an illusion. But as long as you don't try to touch anything, it can appear real.

As a simple example, say we have a man on a train and another man at the train station. They both see a relative velocity V, between them. If all they have is a visual observation reference; either can assume they are the one moving or stationary.

Once you add the properties of matter, such as weight, momentum, etc., each relative motion scenario will contain different amounts of momentum and kinetic energy. They will not be relative in the world of energy conservation, since this world addresses tangible reality.

Say you were in the desert looking for water and you see a mirage? This mirage looks real to the eyes, based on the energy signals entering the eyes. However, it is only a mirage, that is created by the bending of light. This bending appears to create a displacement of an oasis, in space. However, it is not based on actual matter being displaced, even if this is what we see.

Consider the blue ball in the image. It looks 3-D to the eyes. Instead of just using your eyes; energy signals only, use your tactual sense and touch the 3-D ball, along its circumference. Touching the matter will allow you to understand that the ball is actually flat, or 2-D. This is another way to look at relative reference versus energy conservation.

This 3-D affect in 2-D, shows that it is possible to create spatial illusions, that can fool the eyes; energy based observations. The spatial illusion affect is created by adding shadows and highlights to an otherwise flat 2-D image, to make it appear 3-D. Shadows and highlights is denial of data and cherry picking of key data. The creation of spatial illusions is part of free will, since it allows humans to draw conclusions that are not real in 3-D, and therefore can willfully deviate from a 3-D deterministic reality.

We have two sides of the brain. The left brain is more based on logic and 2-D thinking; cause and affect. The right brain is more spatial and thinks in terms of 3-D. The extra dimension of the right brain's data processing is felt through feelings and body sensations; gut feelings and intuition. This extra dimension of awareness is not something you can see. It is tactual, instead of visual. You feel it, personally with others not able to feel for you. The unconscious contributes to the shadows and highlights, that can be added to 2-D logic, to help you create spatial illusions. The unconscious itself has many layers, some which can be modified by the conscious mind; self for filling prophesy.

The most important tool in science is the human brain, yet this is the one tool that is not calibrated. The lack of calibration is partly responsible for free will; individual and collective spatial illusions.

Cosmology is like a huge virtual reality playground, with things so far away we can never touch them. Anything is possible; endless free will. Humans have used the heavens to practice free will since the beginning of civilization.


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A good cosmology example of the spatial illusion affect is dark matter and dark energy. We infer these two things from observational affects, that are exclusively based on energy signal, vision and inference. This all seems consistent, unless we try to touch dark energy and dark matter in the lab, then it is not there.

The theory has dark energy and dark matter influencing the outcome of the matter in the universe. Therefore the drastic perturbations of matter in particle accelerators, should have a reciprocal affect on the dark matter and dark energy in the lab, yet this is not observed in terms of a second affect.

One conclusion is this was just a mirage. This is like seeing a mirage of an oasis in the desert, This happens when we have a deep thirst; for knowledge. When you get to the oasis, up and close, it is not there. Again, this has to due to no requirement for calibration of the mind, to get rid of any unconscious spatial illusion generator affect; internal touch, induced by the mass mind; emperors new clothes.

The inference and need for dark matter and dark energy is really connected to the energy differences between relative reference limitations, using only energy signals and sight, and energy conservation connected to matter and touch. Dark matter and dark energy is a way to normalize relative reference with absolute reference based on energy conservation. Touch; energy conservation, allows us to know a tangible oasis, cannot be transposed in space, as easily as the light from matter.
Hereafter are Five variants of the same Cosmogony 101 Lab project followed by my notes "Against Freewill" (with half-hearted apologies to creatures offended by the foregoing).

Please note that I have NOT posted within a Monotheism DIR. Be forewarned, though, respond with caution. Bring your own aluminum or tin foil hats and shields.:D
Free will is personal. God is also personal, this is why some go to hell and others to heaven. While one person goes through suffering another goes through reward. This shows that God is personal and is a creator and is not apart of the oneness theory.