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Christ and the Demiurge (OT God) - relationship?


Moses was not allowed to enter the promise land but he made it to the entrance.
An Archetype of Jesus (Joshua) had to lead Israel into the Kingdom.
Does that make one inferior to the other?

The study of myself will lead me to the kingdom but the Christ will lead me in.


So it is your own gnosis. Which is fine.

I apologize, because I see that you mentioned it was your personal thoughts in your first post.

If you were to compare it to the tradition of Gnosticism, it'd be at odds against them. But as your personal gnosis, you're free to run with it.


So it is your own gnosis. Which is fine.

I apologize, because I see that you mentioned it was your personal thoughts in your first post.

If you were to compare it to the tradition of Gnosticism, it'd be at odds against them. But as your personal gnosis, you're free to run with it.
I am not much concerned with tradition.
I do enjoy reading the gnostic texts however.


can anyone give me some ideas of how the Cathars viewed the demiurge and the relationship between the demiurge and Jesus.
this is something that makes no sense to me. from what i have read, the Cathars accepted Jesus and His teachings, held Him in high regard, and yet they believe the Lord of the Hebrew bible, the Father of Jesus was satan/demiurge or dark forces/demiurge?


Learning more about Jehovah.
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Most don't know who the Cathars were.

  • dem·i·urge1

    1. a being responsible for the creation of the universe, in particular.
From 1208-1244 the first European holocaust was conducted. The Church of Rome savagely attacked the Cathars, the peaceful ‘heretics of the Languedoc’ of Southern France, with a viciousness and detestable arrogance paralleled only by the Nazi atrocities during WW II.

In Gnostic thought, what is the understanding about the relationship between Christ and the Demiurge? Is the Demiurge the same as the Old Testament (OT) god, Yahweh (and equivalent to Jehovah)? What does Christ reveal about the OT god, and therefore what should humans understand about who and what the OT god is?

When Jesus Christ of the New Testament (NT) makes claims to titles and traits that seem the same or similar to the OT god, what is Jesus Christ doing? Is he essentially taking authority away from the OT god, or showing that he, Jesus Christ, is the rightful possessor of these titles and traits, and that the OT god is basically a usurper and counterfeit? If that is the case (or some similar situation), would that make the NT not a continuation of the OT, but a replacement for the OT? Are there passages in the NT that reveal (when understood with a Gnostic POV) that reveal this is what Jesus Christ is doing: exposing the OT god as basically being an imposter?

If you reply, please quote me, so I will receive an alert.


The OT is a human endeavor, partially support by divine inspiration. Take the sacrifice of animals for instance. The sacrifice of animals has always been a human way to worship.

OT law is man's contrivance into divine morality. Christ had not come to be within the prophets. We call the prophets dead because they have not the life-giving spirit. The OT is in error because these scribes and prophets of the OT were assuming divine reality, when in truth they were pouring all their inadequacies within the law of scripture. This is why righteousness cannot come from the law--these men knew no divine reality. They just assumed spiritual direction. However, the Jews were onto the path of divine reality, they just couldn't "see it" because the Christ had not manifested himself in the flesh as of yet. When Christ came the scribes and prophets were as dust, having not received the Holy Spirit in their life time.

The NT clearly removes "blindness" to the Righteous God. Christ's word of God clearly sets the path that the prophets and scribes so desperately sought.

So basically the OT was the error of men and Christ manifested himself in the NT in order to set mankind on the path of righteousness.


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Hi Folks..

I have been asked specifically to comment on this thread, to try to explain the relationship between Christ and the god of the Old Testamant we know as Yahweh/Jehovah - and the relationship between Christ and an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT spirit - the God that HE alone taught us about,which He said has NO NAME as it is the legitimate Source of Creation itself, abd as such, nothing exists with the authoirty to name it,and as this Primal Sovereign Spirit,it is indeed,beyond all mortal comprehension, and so, cannot BE named at all He said - there are deep metaphysical implications in the giving of true names,and He simply refers to this Primal Soveriegn Spirit as Our Father,Source of Creation..This spirit is the True Divinity..

The god of the bible - is NOT the Father that Christ taught us about - He came and taught of a totally new and unknown realm and paradigm that He said emphatically no mortal,nor even the "god" and its Angels above, knew of this truth at first He warned - He also said, that even after they finally learned and began to understand,their god/leader, the one we call Yahweh, chose to willfully deceive first the Angels that it had created,then later also,it deceives mankind when finally,we are created..Christ explains it all start to finish in the ORIGINAL disciple gospels - tells us the god is tricking us,misleading the people into false worship as it is a lesser god - not a god at all He said,but an ANGEL that once believed it Self to be supreme - and for that reason alone,for that truth He spoke,the followers OF that god/angel finally decide to murder Him to silence this threat and secure their continued power and station !!

I apologise here - the board wont allow mega long posts - which mine often are lol - so I will need present this perhaps in a couple of posts or more - Im just gonna take the foot of the brake here - push the Gate within wide open and allow what comes to speak its Mind....It iwll be long and detailed - keep an open mind - and by the end,I guarantee you will see all this in a different Light - and perhaps will see the why and the how ait was done to us....Remember though - its never too late - we are an ETERNAL SOUL as Christ came to show us...

Part 1 - The Essential Background.

Here, I shall attempt to lay it all out - as He did - but what I say will be mostly taken from the personal Gnostic encounters - out of body,astral experiences,personal experiences with Christ and those we call Angels - these are the true core of legitimate Gnosis - and rarely will I rely on,or present any "scriptural quotes" unless asked for them specifically - though rest assured,everything I am about to present,CAN be verified in the ORIGINAL gospels that the Disciples wrote and are once again freely available to us all thanks to this marvelous internet age - but alas - as we know - this church institution that bares my mates Name,did all it could to eradicate this knowledge.silence it - replaced it with their own twisted versions..The original gospels survived - mostly - some like original Mark,are perhaps lost forever now - some remain in tatters,mere words and phrases left to us now - but some,such as Thomas,original John,Philip - these plus many many more,remain and are largely whole and complete....From ALL these hundreds and hundreds of PRE EXISTANT texts, the catholics literally MANUFACTURED our standard NEW testamant bible - the canon gospels we have as "truth",are frauds - like cut n paste from all those pre existant texts,presented to follow their agenda of societal domination at the direct expense of universal spiritual truth - but as said,rest assured,original truth still exists - and it was that truth that caused all this 2000 year upset and confusion...

I should point out something that not many will realise - but is actually rather crucial to grasp - take it on board let it sink in and see the logical truth of it.....

The church would have you believe that there is some kind of "cult" or alternative "religion" - they called this movement Gnosticism, and tried to present it as an established institution such as their own catholic church...The truth here though is that Gnosis itself - is always by its very definition - a PERSONAL COMMUNION - a DIRECT COMMUNION - it is NEVER a "dogma" - it is never a "structured form" it is never a "doctrine"....In short - there is no such thing as a "gnostic religion"- for such a thing would be totally opposed to the aim of the Gnostic...Granted,some over time have fell for the ruse - adopted the catholic version of Gnosis,and indeed,tried on occasion to form such a religion out of the Gnostic principle...A few "schools" arose - different philosophical forms - but understand this is a time of great turmoil,civil unrest,and its all centred around the Christ event - all these new schools of thought arise that the church will call "gnostic religion2,but the schools themselves were formed from only half truths - as church and Rome are forever and absolutely, hunting down and destroying all forms of the original truth - it is being destroyed and replaced by the new catholic church in a very systeatic way - and as this is happening over centuries,so too alongside these other schools arise based ON the mix of old and new catholic truth..

But of course, the attempt to form a religion from the Gnostic pursuit is pointless,and directly opposed to Gnostic approach - the result is an error always - a misconception - just by the act of structuring the doctrine so,DICTATING what we are to believe,already they have negated any chance of TRUE Gnosis - for true Gnosis is the PERSONAL communion ALWAYS - PERSONAL REVELATION,as MY Soul meets and embraces my Fathers paradigm..Gnosis - HAS to be - the LIVING REVEALED TRUTH - not academic knowledge gained secondhand from another - but rather - the undeniable truth of Self as lived and directly experienced....Christ - only shows the WAY - the GATE within that we must choose to open to proceed - NOBODY ELSE can show you what lies beyond,if we want true Gnosis then we must do this for our Self..

The Gnostiic seeks personal communion - I and my Father become ONE without seperation - understand then - to follow a man,priest,doctrine,religion - this leads us to THEIR truth - not to OUR truth - we have THEIR knowledge perhaps if we understand them - but we do not have the LIVING EXPERIENCE of the things we seek and therfore,actual true Gnosis will elude us still..Look - a clear example - I can right now,show you all for instance,how to DRIVE A CAR - I can give you lots and lots of written information,show you all videos,teach you the controls and all that - on and on we could spend a lifetime learning this academic secondhand knowledge...But IT IS USELESS !!! Eventually - at some point to make this knowledge become WISDOM - we are going to have to ACTUALLY EXPERIENCE IT - arent we..?...We have to take that knowledge - about driving cars in this example - and we are going to have to get IN the car and APPLY that which we know and thus EXPERIENCE this phenomena directly...THEN and only then,we have GNOSIS !!

Same now - for spiritual endeavour here - soak up all manner of religious and spiritual knowldge - but eventually,we must apply it in a personal manner - and of all the spiritual gurus that have ever uttered a single word - CHRIST ALONE is the one who comes from the SOURCE - thus He said truly,Iam the way and the only way - this Gnosic approach,is HIS teaching first and foremost....He warned - Following a man, a religion, a priest - any guru at all - these things are ERRORS - the gnostic seeks always for the Living One - and the place of communion is deep within the Self - the external sources of religion and gurus teachers can only lead us astray.....Even this multitude of words here - merely a SIGNPOST - not the whole truth - but a pointer to show the path...Christ warned us repeatedly to shun avoid the religion - no priest middleman needed - no rituals,no incessant worshiping bowing grovelling begging prayers - forget it ALL He said.....He told us SPECIFICALLY - a solitary single "prayer" and said that was all we ever needed, the rest is found WITHIN and not out in the temple or public gatherings...To commune DIRECTLY with Our Father,and thus to gain that Gnosis - is a personal endeavour - we need to put aside here,all notions of "them vs us" - all notions of "God vs Demiurge" - these are ERRORS promoted BY the catholic church - they invented an ENEMY to justify their MILITARY campaigns of domination under Romes disguise - all the while destroying the Gnostic truth and replacing it with catholic doctrine.....There is no such thing as an organised Gnostic religion - no such thing as Gnostic doctrine...All there is at present - is a great deal of confusion - and this is due to that religion,destroying the truth that Christ gave freely,and replacing it with their own twisted agenda...


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Part 2 - the Damnable Twisted Truth

And He came among us and said - I am revealing SECRETS that have NEVER even arisen to the human mind - secrets He said,that not even the Angels are aware of - for there ACTUALLY EXISTS - an other realm - an entirely SEPERATE realm that no mortal nor these Angels above,have EVER encountered - entirely new and unknown to all Souls HERE in this realm,THIS part of Creation !!

Within this unknown dimension He said - resides a great and boundless Spirit - fully SENTIENT MIND that has NO PHYSICAL FORM - yet CAUSES the physical worlds and their denizens to ACTUALLY exist and manifest as tangeable,experential..This Primal Spirit, He termed Our Father - told us next HOW and WHY the Creation occurred - and set about teaching - those with ears to hear - the method and process of joining and merging this here individual mortal mind - individual mortal Self - and re joining that Primal Soveriegn Spirit that causes All Creation to occur...This endeavour is the very ESSENCE OF GNOSIS - I and the Father BECOME ONE..He was teaching us - in modern plain English - how to TRANSCEND, to escape this realm entriely,encounter OTHER DIMESNIONS to our existance that had been purposefully with held from us...

People take it for granted that Christ - Yeshua the man - was a Jew they believe - following Jewish tradition,worshipping that one we call Yahweh - but this is an error - He was never a Jew - though He did CHOOSE to take that form at that time and place - this was to best confront the machinations of the one who was causing all the confusion...He took a mortal form AS a Jew in order to literally dismantle that errorneous belief system,from the inside out,dismantle it starting right at the heart core of the problem..

As He told us through Thomas - a grapevine sprang up that was APART from the Father - it is weak and corrupt - needs to be pulled up and discarded...Similary, He told us He came specifically, "to destroy this house so that none may ever rebuild it" - this is allegory for the false worship system imposed on man by the lesser one Yahweh....People also believe - falsely - that Christ was a man of peace and love always - but I assure you above all things, He is a warrior - not a violent Soul - not at all - but a Spiritual Warrior whos weapon is Truth and that weaopn cannot be defended against..He came to give us Truth, to fight for us on our behalf,on an eternal level of existance - even though He knew already - planned it - that it would need to cost His mortal life..He knows full well the implications of His truth and warned those who were ready that the world will seek to destoy them for their understanding of Him and for their shared commitment to this Divine eternal truth - as we know,His warning was absolutely correct as the church then murdered Him and likewise to all His true followers...

They believe I have come to bring peace and prosperity to the world He said - but no - I have come with a sword and with fire He said,prepare yourselves accordingly...He was fully aware of all that was about to follow....So - to avoid unnecassary conflict, He gave everyone right at the start - an undeniable proof of Who and What He is...We need to look closely at HIS ACTIONS and try to see things form HIS perspective...we are deceived and misled,He knows - yet so entrenched that mere words spoken in public are never going to be enough to break the hold the god Yahweh has over the people...I mean check it out - Jewish culture - there is NO SEPERATION - the god permeates every aspect of their society,literally everything shaped and formed AROUND its worship and dictates...Christ knows - even the Priests themselves,are fully manipulated by this god and its Angels - for as said, He knows TRUTH of this greater Spirit above - He knows for sure that the one they all worship is an imposter.....But - HOW does He convince them ???....

First, He finds someone who desperately NEEDS Him - He chooses a LEPER and without any fuss or any preperation, He simply HEALS the man - like COMPLETELY !!

Understand the significance there - a LEPER - not the healing itself for that is COMMON - magick and sorcery are EVERYWHERE everyday occurrences to these people...Check out their history if you doubt me...That famous temple they all bang on about for instance - openly admitted - it was built by Magick using the help of Jinn controlled by the Jewish leader Soloman....This is THEIR tradition - magick,sorcery,Divination - spiritual practice - all wide spread,known,understood by a great great many - the religion - Pharisee - has control over such things,and are the chief brokers of such services.. I will tell you from personal experiences,such things - especially assistance from the astral other worldly denizens - is still common place today for those who know..We may today think this is all fairy tale myth and twisted truth - but it is ACTUAL - the world back then was just coming out of a most wonderous period indeed - and sadly a great deal of its truth has been purposefully with held from us in modern times,as catholic church used Romes military might to literally force its own version upon the entire world..Note - it has outlawed,banned,hunted down and destroyed all forms of knowldge and wisdom that allow mortal man to encounter other dimensional entities..It has forbidden all forms of "spiritual practice" except its own doctrine and dogma - killed and murdered all who would not bow down - not simple either, but public torture,burned at the stake etc in hopes that it scares others away from such spiritual communion - they cant allow us to contact other spiritual dimensions - for then we will soon learn the truth of their sham - and so legitimate spiritual truth and Gnosis have largely been lost to the world,replaced by half truth with twisted agendas...

Once though - the time of Christ - these things are common,taken for granted..To heal a man is nothing - priests do it all the time...They charge for it of course - it requires PREPERATION - scrolls must be written,rituals performed,SACRIFICE made of course....Your sick,go to a priest,make an offering and pay him - wait a few days while he prepares and "communes with god" - and maybe just maybe if you are "worthy", your prayer may get some kind of answer......Hmmmmmm...shady shady - no guarantees - not a universal thing at all,entirely dependant upon the whim of a priest and his own ability....

Go to a priest if you are sick - go through all that malarky and MAYBE - except that is,unless you are a LEPER - then - dont bother with the priest at all,as they have made you already an OUTCAST and simply will not - can not help...And that IS SIGNIFICANT...They say the leper is outcast and their intervention does not work to heal them,as their GOD HAS FORSAKEN THEM - indeed,they make lepers outcast in society to reflect their relationship TO that god - abandoned by it.....See then - Christ CHOOSES a leper - beyond help of the priest - beyond help of their GOD....Let it sink in........Without any of that temple malarky - no preperation at all - a simple touch and a spoken Word - and the man is WHOLE,unblemished !! Remember - they see such things DAILY - yet THIS ???? TRULY AWESOME - immediately EVERYBODY is fully astounded and a real commotion starts IMMEDIATELY - and this and all that follows is all down to that LEPER man himself !!

Christ said to him SPECIFICALLY - look I can heal you fully - but please,just go STRAIGHT TO THE PRIEST - show THEM first what I have done and tell them I wish a PRIVATE audience - DONT MAKE A FUSS He said,but please do as I ask.....The leper though - who can blame him..??....FULLY HEALED in a MOMENT and it cost him NOTHING - totally altruistic action by Christ..The leper man runs off not to the temple - but to the market instead - BOASTS of his cure - BOASTS of Yeshua who heals with a touch and a word - BOASTS of Yeshua who does this when the god Yahweh WILL NOT !!! LOOK they begin to say - the MESSIAH HAS COME !!! Of course - the priesthood know NOTHING about Him - immediately threatened - immediately confrontational....And so it begins.....

They confornt Him - see it recorded even in their bible - John gospel - the Rabbis ask my mate WHO ARE YOU to say and do such things - and He tells them first,He is from the Father,true God...They say THEIR GOD is the truth - He says they follow a liar and a trickster who manipulates them - they reply that they follow faithfully the god Yahweh who communed with Moses and Abraham ( see and understand here, at THIS time here of this first confrontation, the god Yahweh is SILENT to the Jews,and has been for FOUR HUNDRED YEARS already - thay have NO active Prophet at this time,no communication for all that time so no wonder they are in shock now and react the way they do - more on that later though perhaps ) - here in this first confrontation, Christ makes it very clear - tells them YES,you DO follow THAT god,but, you DO NOT know MY Father...Im paraphrasing in modern English of course - but He tells them, yes I can heal lepers because Iam from the LEGITIMATE SOURCE of ALL CREATION - and you priests He says,have been tricked into false worship of a much lesser entity indeed.....They of course are outraged - they have had close intimate relationship to their god for MILLENIA - all very real and true...Their god DID commune with their priests directly - it IS real and legitimate and it tells them it is "superior" over all other lesser gods - yes,it fully admits to them, other such entities do exist it says but you are forbidden from worshipping or even knowing any but Yahweh who is supreme.....Here then,Christ says yes indeed,other gods DO exist - agrees with Yahweh OT statement - but says Yahweh is not supreme at all - not that which it claimed to be at all - and that it has tricked and deceived them all....

He claims to them,that He knows all this as truth - because as said He comes DIRECTLY from a great realm that no mortal man has ever before encountered..He tells them,not even your god,knows my truth - He prove this Divine claim time after time after time - pulls people away from the temple away from the priest,away from the god - so as we know - they MURDER HIM - or rather,they have ROME do it,just in case He is legitimate...I think they fear my Father to be vengeful like their god Yahweh - get Rome to act then they will bare any punishment....

But as I hinted at earlier - Christ had already known all that would happen - knew already that simply,He,the mortal form Yeshua,would NEED to die - that was all for purely metaphysical,energetic reasons primiarily,but it will take another installment to cover that aspect...He Himself set up the confrontations - or rather - allowed them to happen as they did - He gave the priesthood a first chance - wanted them to believe and trust HIM - so that through them and their already established authority,they could begin to teach this new truth to everyone FREELY...He wished to pursuade them,convince them,show them the trickery of their god in private - before breaking such a stupendous revelation upon the public - but that stupid leper ruined it all...Free Will - our Divine Birthright - and ignorance - our greatest enemy..When the priesthood rejected Him despite His overwhelming evidence,He had no choice but to be direct,and began speaking scathingly,criticising the old tradition at every opportunity - you must come to hate the parents He said - and we begin to see what He means with such negative talk - war,fire,sword,destroy,hate - He said all these things - and they are all directed against that institution of Yahweh the lesser god and those that promote that false half truth..


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Part 3 - Christ speaks of Creation How and Why

So - some things have been said above and a great many questions will arise because of it...Not least - If Yahweh is a god,how come he doesnt know of this other realm ?..We are given a whole narrative to Creation in the Jewish tradition that became "christian old testamant"..In fact - read it VERY CAREFULLY - Genesis contains TWO CREATION ACCOUNTS and even openly contradicts itself in a few places...This is because it is as usual, a twisted half truth - Christ spoke openly of such things in great and wonderous detail..Literally - He recounted EVERYTHING from my Fathers first virgin Self aware thought - through to mankind here on the Earth,and He even prepared us for the next phase after this mortal life is ended..The ORIGINAL gospel of Jonh,I tell you truly - THIS is REVELATIONS - the bible version is a twisted half truth - the ORIGINAL gospel of John,is a full on out of body astral encounter with the risen incorporeal Christ, who then tells John every significant event that leads to man and the coming of Christ among us...He recounts HOW and WHY creation happens - how it starts - the order and sequence of events....Genesis may tell us - "god spoke the world into existance" - and this is true - but look - CHRIST tells us - HOW and WHY HE did this...Like ACTUALLY HOW IT HAPPENS - and crucially,He will then SHOW US how to directly experience these truths for our Self..Truly - He is a Gnostic and shows us too,how to gain such personal Gnosis - to literally BECOME the LIVING TRUTH of our total existance...A truth as He said,once understood, that would free us finally and fully..

Now - He in his mortal form Yeshua - spoke Aramaic - and others then listened and changed the language as we know - Greek,Latin,Africaans, English,on and on the translations go - each takes us a step away from truth - a step away from Gnosis...To me - He speaks personally,and it is English always...lol...I wont rely then on scripture quotes at all here - but will assure you again - all this can be found in those original gospels - but as He reveals it directly in the understanding of it - so too,I paraphrase and present it here in plain modern English without the twists and turns of the "religious route" for I my Self have no such agenda - except the promotion of a Truth given freely...

As He said - forget the religion - damn the Pharisee who neither knows truth nor gives it freely...Christ tells it slightly differently to the traditonal account..Secrets He said that none had ever known - not even god and angels above...He repeats this statement in few places - insists that He alone is from this realm..when pushed for explanation,He is most forthcoming...He speaks of the start and how my Father came to Be...In this modern plain language - we would simply understand it as a MIND - a fully Self aware Being - but as yet it has no physical essence at all...Consider then - how does OUR mind ACTUALLY work - for we are told we are made in THAT IMAGE - one mind - all things in existance now,came from this fully abstract none physical realm....My Father - in plain English - IMAGINES that which it Will Be...

Its very first stirring Self aware "thought" - impulse in this Primal Soveriegn Mind - caused a process of NATURAL LOGIC to unfold...I nearly said "begin" to unfold - but really,time here at the start of Creation - is beyond mortal mind to comprehend..I need to say it that way,like a sequence of events so we can keep track - but really - this first part is all at once,so to speak - one aspect becomes known and it CAUSES - LOGICALLY - other aspects to become known - thus the Creation expands and continues always - Creation is not a one off event as the bible says - but its a continuous moment to moment SELF creating event - for those with ears to hear..

Wow - this is hard to explain actually - I hold all this as like - one thought - one complete awareness - one comeplte truth - and in that form - Gnosis - it is absolutely natural and easily grasped - yet to disect it now into tiny portions that a mortal mind can digest and follow - is harder it seems than holding the entirety of it as one truth...lol...does that make sense..??...

Creation - my Fathers first thought - we would just say,this mind became awre of its own existance - like it thought "Wow - IAM" - I exist...Look though - its own NATURE - its own INHERANT QUALITY - is LOGIC - it is absolutely core fundamental driving force of everything....The mind - my Father - NEEDS TO KNOW - the natural logic that it IS - pushes it to disclose it Self fully and completly..It seeks always - GNOSIS - it has this unyielding inherant desire to understand its own existance...See what happens then - the search for Gnosis - natural logic - drives it all...

Iam I exist - my Fathers mind stirs - and immediately - naturally unstoppable logic - the prompt in awareness - complimentary ripple and impulse arises alongside - cause and affect - question and answer - I exist,IAM - brings with it the response - IAM WHAT ?? The logic drives my Fathers mind - I exist,I MUST BE DEFINED - I must KNOW my SELF...But look - there is NOTHING in existance - VOID,blank empty - you cannot imagine it - but I could show you how to directly experience it - as Christ showed us also....The thought of existance itself,CAUSED the EXTERNAL and OBJECTIVE worlds to form...Iam WHAT the mind said - and into this void - dark silent state - came instead now - a vibration,movement,sound and LIGHT - in modern language - the first thought cause to exist that which we now term - ENERGY !!

In the REALISATION of my Fathers thought - literally it REALISED - as in MADE REAL - Iam I exist,so I MUST BE SOMETHING...I MUST be able to COMPREHEND my own Self...for this is the inherant nature of mind - its incessant search for logical truth of Self - GNOSIS and its living EXPERIENCE - ONE MIND that caused all else to exist...So this first thought - called forth from "nowhere" and "no time" and to symbolise this different state of Being,into this empty void mind,now shone a cloud of Light,vibrating energy...Lets call this for the sake of a label - Divine Light - and it is how my Father first REALISED it Self - as in again, MADE it REAL and EXPERENTIAL - the abstract world of IMAGINATION becomes the solid world of form and structure....But here - this first part - is not yet anywhere near complete...As yet - no forms or structures as WE understand them - but a SYMBOLIC REPRESENTATION of Self awareness - a "cloud of energy" now exists that becomes changed by and structured by,the IMAGINATION of my Fathers mind..Again,for the sake of a label - lets call this aspect of Divine imagination - a Will(power) - the force that causes things to happen - my Father CHOOSES what to become using this Will(power) apsect and this aspect is dominat,main focus....

So first - is created this cloud of Light - and look the Father mind KNOWS AND UNDERSTANDS what has happened - it is fully Sentient - the Light IS my Fathers mind and reflects the Will of the Primal mind...Therefore this cloud of Light that IS the mind,likewise has its own PERSONALITY - for it knows,it is the LIVING EMBODIMENT of the Primal Mind and the two aspects cannot be distinguished one from the other - inseperable - integral - the one cannot exist without the other - take away the Light apsect the mind has no referance to Self and is ignorant - take away the Will power of the mind and the Light ceases to exist and slips right back to that void empty state....The teaching of Christ brings this to the personal mind here and now,allows us to experience it directly - Gnosis..

This first Creation - first Persona - alongside it - contained WITHIN its realisation - integral - inseperable - is the third aspect of LOGIC....The mind know WHY it has done this Creation act and it also knows HOW it has done this Creaton act for as said,my Father IS fully omniscient,fully omnipresent,fully Sentient of the entire Creation that it is ALWAYS moment to meoment - for as said,Creation is continous - a never ending stream - I tell you this is the truth and essence of that which we call KARMA - not a tally of wrongs and rights that need balance - but a flow of creation either Sentient or ignorant - but UNSTOPPABLE as the mind pushes and yearns for full and honest Self understanding - Gnosis drives EVERYTHING...

So - all at once - integral - inseperable - the minds very first stirring impulse - causes THREE DISTINCT PERSONALITIES...In plain English - Imagination - Wisdom - Logic..Imagination is my Fathers Will(power) - Wisdom is the embodiment of the Self knowledge it holds (the entire Creation of course) - and Logic is the embodiment of Action,a dynamic force that works out options and logical consequences of what MUST BE and thus structures the Will upon the Light that represents it...The Father mind realises the distnction between these THREE modes within its own Being - and exists ALWAYS,right from that very first stirring thought AS this Trinity mind - inseperable,integral - no one aspect more important than any other,but guided always by the Divine Will...These three aspects are Self aware - like personality within the mind - similar to here - Iam Pete internet poster - a personality within my mortal mind - and yet also - iam Pete the father,also husband,friend,son, brither,worker etc ect - on and on and on - the mind divides,creates adopts personality always in order to achieve SELF UNDERSTANDING,Gnosis......These three - Trinity mind - are Primal,foundation for all that will follow...They have NO material forms but exist eternally as the Divine Light that forms all else..

Father Son Holy Ghost they say - Christ says it differently - Father,MOTHER and Son....Father and Son,we all know - Mother though..??....He said this first Perosnality that IS the Light,the Wisdom aspect - this persona He named as Sofia..To the Gnostic seeker then, they realises the Trinity as Father, Sofia Mother of All Creation, and Christ... Sofia IS the Light - IS the very ENERGY that will be used to form EVERYTHING - all worlds and material forms are this Divine Light, energy now arranged THROUGH the aspect of Christ (the Word,logical structure)..We understand this arrangement - partially - through applying OUR mind and its own Logic - pure MATHEMATICS is the ONLY way to describe these supra complex energetic interactions that cause the material worlds to form - As we know,maths is absolutely logical - for LOGIC as said,is integral to the Trinity mind that causes it all, and yes indeed, all creation has a geometric mathematical foundation, and it is all formed formthis One energetic source that is the Gioddess Sofia......


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She is consort and partner to Christ - equal - when they combine their aspects,the Logic of Christ shapes and moulds the energy of Sofia to form a PERFECT Creation fully in accord with the Wisdom and Logic they both contain...Because they are seperate and distinct - yet the same Being - we have termed them Male and Female as if they reflect US, but of course,it is WE who reflect THEM - as above so below - made in THAT image always..Through the Divine Union - Christ and Sofia - the true Holy Matrimony - because of their Union,the EXTERNAL OBJECTIVE and EXPERENTIAL realities are created...Always - Male and Female combine to form a PERFECT creation...Our mortal nature reflects this - and out spiritual understanding reflects this too (except in this ignorant modern age where it seems any union will do)..

This primal trinity mind always existed - called forth from nowhere and no time - this starts off all else and will lead to the Creation of many many worlds and Souls that inhabit them - they all will be formed by that Divine Union - Christ and Sofia - Male and Female - except for THIS realm alone - we will learn next of an accident - a Divine mishap - a stray unguarded thought,will lead to disasterous results - and poor mortal man will end up in the thick of it paying the price,tricked,deceived,manipulated by the one we will call "god"...


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Part 4 - Sofia, Divine Karma, mankind enters stage left...

The Goddess Sofia - embodiment of Divine Wisdom - LIVING and fully Conscious Divine Light - MOTHER of ALL Creation as all material worlds take form FROM Her energy...Together as described - in the true Holy Matrimony - Sofia and Christ call forth a multitude of Creation..It is said my Father spoke the Creation into existance and this is entirely true, if poorly understood....The ENERGY of the Divine Light - is when compared to our forms - MAGNITUDES greater in its intensity...So so hard to explain....Lets take SPEED as a benchmark - THIS universe - its Light is set to a distinct speed - we "think" there can not be anything faster - but then we found neutrinos which do indeed travel faster than OUR benchmark....ah they say - OTHER DIMENSIONS exist,and MAY have a higher Light speed benchmark...The possibilities are endless in reality....Here though,at the SOURCE - it is trul incomprehensibel to a mortal mind and must be EXPERIENCED to be perceived..In our modern English terms - at each successive stage of Creation - this Divine Light energy - "crystalises" - condenses - becomes compact,tighter patterns,and so,it becomes solid,tangeable,material,as WE would perceive it (all Creation flows from Mind,never forget,Self perception is always the key)..

Thus,in modern plain English - my Father,did indeed,SPEAK the Creation HERE into existance...He caused the frequency and intensity of the Divine Light - to lessen - substantially...Sound,is merely a label to describe such a low frequency energy wave - thus the act of lowering the Divine Light into the mortal form,is allegorically described by the act of Speaking the Sound of it..Again - we once knew all about this - the wonderous ancient structures that still exist here today - were formed by utilising a sorcery of Sound - using energetic vibration to alter molecular cohesion and thus negate the natural laws - as said - true Magick was once very common here..For those with ears to hear..

So - material worlds start as abstract energy - under guidance and control of a fully Sentient Divine Mind....The mind creates these realities as a natural talent - an unsoppable flow of Creation,for the mind is striving always,to become fully Self aware - and it does this by incessantly creating symbolic representations of its own Self awareness...WHATEVER it CONCEIVES of as the Father (imagination), WILL be pushed through this inherant natural process to become REALISED - as in again,LITERALLY,MADE real,solid,experential, tangeable....Thus Creation occurs, and is truly unstoppable,eternal,without end...This whole natural unstoppable process - is the truth of that which we mortals term KARMA !!

we see and experience the end results of the process - live the consequences....We think then,its a tally - we sort of get it sort of dont - what we put out is what we get back - we know that - but we dont know WHY it works that way - we are ignorant, and so,we Create in ignorant fashion,repeat old errors time and time again....KNOW THY SELF He said - first before all things,become fully known - then all secrets will be revealed He promised.....

Sofia - Karma - an accident that will lead directly to mankind on the Earth....She - Divine Giddess,fuily Karmik potential - Her Creation is INSTANT - Her Primal energy is formed INSTANTLY as soon as the impulse arises... (same for Christ of course - closer to Source we are,easier our Karmik Creation becomes)...She - how to say it ??...Has a stray thought??...She "day dreams"..?...Wonders what if....??.......ALONE - without Christ to structure Her impulse - She lets the thought continue unbidden - accidently - and the Creation dutifully comes forth...

They have together already as said - Sofia and Christ,cause a multitude of Worlds to exist through a complicated heirachy and succession...Creation is a SPHERE - a NESTED REALITY - worlds exist within the dimesnsion of other worlds - all contained in the Primal realm of the Trinity.....Various levels of this heirachy have various labels associated with them - such as below the Trinity, there are Luminaries - below these are ARCHONS - and this is where our Bible narrative begins,not at the SOURCE a sit claims - but at the Archonic level to Creation...Yahweh,is an Archon - not a true full Divine - semi Divine - not a God capital g - but a god little g - one among many - a DEMI god..Therefore - the later forming "gnostic schools" will erroneously call him a Demi urge,and try to make him out to be a devil or some such - but Christ Himself said no such thing neither did He make any such judgement...Merely says this is how it is,this is what happened - and NEVER mentions anything "evil" or nefarious - except to say the god here is tricking us into a false entrapment of our eternal Soul...There is no evil satan character mentioned by Christ - only an ignorant,unrepentant (at first) mistaken Angel who once thought it was god,but was never supreme.

Sofia - ALONE - by accident - calls forth this Creature..All forms called forth by a Divine are by definiton,an ANGEL - thus Christ says Sofia calls this Angel into Being and always refers to Yahweh AS an Angel,a CREATURE formed BY the Divine Karmik process..This Angel - is MALFORMED - because Christ had no input - the thing formed is illogical - it does not belong in the realm,and Sofia Herself - is shocked - disgusted - fearful of what She has done ALONE....These emotions compel Her to cast this Angel away - out of shame She creates a LESSER FORM OF DIVINE LIGHT - a SEPERATE CREATION - and She hides this new world behind an energetic barrier thus seperating them forever...Here She places Her Angel, whom She Names as YALDABOATH which means "rebel"..we are told by Christ directly - this Angel Yaldaboath - resembles a DRAGON...Im sure we can see the twisting Bible narrative begin to take form - a DRAGON - that is a REBEL is CAST OUT OF HEAVEN.....Yes - let it sink in deep....The deception is only just beginning....Dont despise Yaldaboath though - or Yahweh as we would know him - watch - its not his fault really - cant blame him for what would happen...

So now TWO seperate and distinct realms exist - the true Divine,which is made up of some 360 lgreater realms at the Archon level - and each Archon (such as Yahweh) will then go on to Create a multitude of worlds (like our own),their lifeforms and Souls to inhabit them - on and on Creation goes without end - as it says Angels without number to service them.....All that is caused TOGETHER by Sofia and Christ - and then - isolated,solitary alone - THIS realm (physical world we inhabit now plus several distinct astral spiritual layers) - this realm was once,at that time,ENTIRELY SEPERATE - purposefully hidden one from the other....At first Christ didnt even know we existed - seems bizarre - but Sofia is His equal in all things - She acted alone and starts the deception and She takes responsibility finally for the outcomes..

She casts the dragon Angel away - shamed and disgusted - beleives that is an end ot the matter I guess and the Divine continue in ignorant Bliss..For their part, they endeavour to Create an Angel - a form they themselves can INDWELL as a Soul does a body...REMEBER HERE - the TRINITY - is FORMLESS - yet they seek GNOSIS - to EXPERIENCE their Creation directly...Ergo - a vessel is needed - an avater - a body form....Let it sink in,sit with it - as I explain to you that HERE in this isolated forgotten realm - Yaldaboath "awakes" to himself,matures or whatever term best applies - realises its own existance similar tot hat first Divine stirring...ALONE - ISOLATED - the Angel fully BELIEVES it MUST BE THE SOURCE - what else could it possibly believe..??.....NOTHING HERE - just the spirit within a semi corporeal form - the spirit is SEMI DIVINE - it has POTANT KARMA - and as it Self realises it is unstioppable - thus it too CREATES,the things it imagines it Self to Be - come forth - slower compared to the more potant true Divine,but exact same process...ONE CRUCIAL DIFFERENCE though - Yaldaboath HERE - is NOT LIMITLESS....The true Divine - call forth Creation form NOWHERE NO TIME - my Father literally IMAGINES it into existance......HERE - this realm - there is ONLY a FINITE SOURCE of Divine energy - fully under the control of Yaldaboath who is also Yahweh...The whole realm was formed all at once (big bang) - and a definate amount of energy then is used to create everything HERE,worlds life etc etc ......Its all the ESSENCE of the one we call YAHWEH - but unlike the true Divine, this one cannto simply call forth my at Will - for it is NOT the cause or the SOURCE of the Creation - but merely a CREATURE - same as You and I..


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For a while all proceeds undisturbed - Yahweh is here creating alone - many heavens,many Angels,many worlds as Archons do always...All creation HERE knows him as supreme and he IS supreme just then - he IS god and IS directly resonsible for this realm....NONE have any idea that any other Creation has ever happened,as we are ISOLATED on purpose cut off entirely from all else.....This changes though - when in the higher relam Sofia and Christ together as ordained - accomplish thier ultimate Creation - and cal forth the Perfect Angel - ADAMUS He names it - a Humanoid that is fully capable of holding the ENTIRE DIVINE MIND such that the full Godhood can directly experience the reality it has Created - Gnosis.....The creation of ADAMUS is so awesome that it sends an energetic shockwave through the entire Creation - and all Souls in existance witness the Supreme unadulterated power of the Trinity....This event "shatters" the barrier that hid our two forgotten realms - and with the creation of Adamus - BOTH REALMS become aware of each other for the very first time..!!!!

Here in THIS realm - the Angels AND Yahweh witness first hand this Creation event - become fully aware that there is AN OTHER and far more potant power that they are ignorant of...They begin to question,to wonder - approach Yahweh their god and ask - WHAT is that great power above ?...let us go and investigate for it IS wonderous....Yahweh - becomes of course, threatened,intimidated,jealous - about to lose authority to this overwhelmingly superior force...NO He says - IAM YOUR GOD and you will have NONE before me....To appease hi own Angels - and to stamp authority - he GATHERS them together - because he is ONLY smei Divine and simlpy CAN NOT MATCH the power they have all now witnessed - he NEEDS THEIR AID - the essence of his self he gave to them - the Karmik power he shared at their creation - is pooled together in unison - and together they try to mimick the Creation of Adamus...Come here Yahweh told them - that power is great,but so am I - aid me - we will create a form AFTER THE IMAGE ( that we have seen above us) - and so TOGETHER they combine their Karmik power to create Adam and Eve...Christ lays it all out step by step plain to see - the why and wherefore of it all..Yahweh is jealous and threatened and acts accordingly..

One Angel, Lucifer it says - challenges his authority saying he will take his own throne up above Yahweh to BE MOST HIGH - this new realm they have just witnessed..As we know, Yahweh reacts by banishing this angel and its followers HERE on the Earth - alters their energetic forms so that they can no longer ASCEND and attain these higher realms..They become trapped here among us - but look - they are trapped - but mankind IS NOT - they give us all manner of metaphysical wisdom - sorcery and magick are common - communing with SPIRIT,other worlds and their inhabitants is common - and all this angers Yahweh big time - as he knows the Angels trapped here - Fallen we call them - they wish to ASCEND - to learn of the GREATER power above - and Yahweh simply cannot allow that....When finally they give us the means to ascend - this angers Yahweh greatly, and he then likewise ALTERS OUR FORM TO TRA US HERE inthese low realms..This of course,plays out in the bible as Adam and Eve,snake in Eden - but it is just allegory for REAL AND ACTUAL EVENTS....The Angels got expelled from their Home for questioning the authority of Yahweh after they witness greater power..Unable to return or proceed in their goal, they instruct mankind and pursuade us to make th eattempt on their behalf - they teach us EVERYTHING - all the knowledge of good and evil - and the god Yahweh reacts thus...

Now they know this knowledge it says - GET THEM OUT OF HERE - and changes our form so that we can no longer enter Eden (part spiritual existance,not on the Earth entirely,astral predominantly - mankind has a semi physical body but doesnt inhabit it continuously until after we are expelled)..We dont get expelled because we disobeyed - NO NO NO - that is an error in thinking...we get expelled to STOP US ASCENDING HIGHER - for now we know HOW - so before we can actually achieve it,Yahweh makes it PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE by altering our energetic forms making us FULLY MORTAL and thus trapping us also,here in the low plains....He is JEALOUS and openly admits it - didnt he ??..The Fallen here among us wish US to ascend - teach us everything spiritual hoping that we will encounter the TRUE Divine and thus petition on THEIR behalf - just as they got ENOCH to do with Yahweh - take a petition to the authority - so too they wanted mankind ot encounter the Trinity above - as said they seek Divine TRUTH - it is the birthright of EVERY Soul - none shall be lost He promises..

Yahweh - eventually - Iam led to believe - finally ascends for himself - finally - encounters the higher realm and becomes so - ashamed - so REPENTANT of the errors he has made - that at first he decides to wipe out his own creation - to erase it,as it is SEPERATE from the splendour and true awesome majesty of the true Divine - he is fully ashamed of all of it - truly the first to "repent" and wishes to start again....It seems - as hinted at - that he relinquishes his claims HERE in this world - for he became SILENT TO THE JEWS some centuries before Christ took His mortal form and no person has had DIRECT contact such as Moses did for example,since that time - it should be said though - plenty have direct contact with the Angels still - both High and Fallen...Fallen doesnt necasarily mean "evil" - though trapped here and far superior to us - they do tend to dominate,manuipulate - push for their own ends often at the direct expense of mankind - we are like cattle to them,is best to describe it - and Yes Folks - they are still here and fully in control of this world..

THEY - the "fallen" as we have termed them - once agents of Yahweh - abandoned here BY Yahweh - as we too are it seems - abandoned by that "god" also....It has been SILENT for like 2400 years now - only its ANGELS have been communing with man - and these DIRECT interactions are directly responsible for ALL the worlds religions and spiritual knowledge - every "god" that we have ever known labelled worship - is in truth - an ANGEL and nothing more...Only Christ knew the Father He said - an enetirely seperate realm once - and this is WHY Christ came - a two fold endeavour - first and most crucial - ENERGETIC PATHWAY - remember here right at the start of EVERYTHING - my Father is a MIND that causes the material worlds to form...Understand then - Christ, integral TRINITY MIND - fully Divine - HAD to create a MORTAL form, here in this world - thus anchoring, tethering the two realms together..He DESCENDED into this realm - creating a PATHWAY straight from SOURCE of Creation itself - He then TAUGHT us all this whilst in His mortal form, and He knew fully - planned and manipulated it - that His mortal form MUST DIE - must perish and fail so that His Divine essence was released again - thus He ASCENDED from here,creating the Pathway Home for all mortals to be FREE to follow and thus joining these two forgotten realms as One whole realm as it was always intended....

No such metahysical avenue existed BEFORE He came - Iam the Way and the ONLY way He said - and none can attain the Father except through Me - not a boast - an observation - no such spiritual conduit existed until His mortal life caused it to be -MIND creates EVERYTHING - we are TRAPPED by our beliefs then,yes ?....Understand - Yahweh had ENFORCED a belief upon us placing itself as superior - and so Souls here,fully dominated BY that belief,and totally ignorant of any other possibility, became indeed trapped - enmeshed by their own creation - TRAPPED BY THEIR OWN KARMA - unable to Ascend to these Higher realms until Christ came - bought the truth that sets us free...NO - MOST EMPHATICALLY - NO - the god of the Jews - Yahweh as we know it - the god of the Bible - IS NOT OUR FATHER that Christ alone spoke of !!

As always - for those with ears to hear...


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…." for the Law (Truth) of the Spirit of Life (unconditional love) in Christ (Jesus), has set me free from the law of sin and death (karma and reincarnation). "