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Believing you are Satan, Deism

rational experiences

Veteran Member
The history of who are we and where did we come from, a spiritual theme for human life.

And it is relative to science quoted preaching/teaching as a God theme O...from stone.

A human in self realization knows that God O is stone and it began as stone and ended as stone, as stone.

What it was before it was stone, a true psyche would say, could not know...for change in the space body owns so many variations, that it proves it would not be known.

So most humans say as a human God is my Deity, for as an entity O a planet I live on the Planet I believe is God.

And yet spiritually many humans say, when I die and leave my human life and body deceased, I then live spiritually, for I never left.

I am living a dream is the stated bio existence...for in reality my highest self is not a human.

I left my Creator eternal life and became born through my 2 human being bio parents...who lived and died.

I know that I only exist as a baby to adult life and then also die....so I am an extended parental reasoning of their own known spiritual history.

Where I personally came from....and if spiritual the 2 human parents advise that message.

We came out of eternal...when the Earth gas mass filled back in emptied out space...that had its eternal body partially removed...back to space.

And it owned the angelic formations of God o O bodies...the Universal creation.

How a spiritual self explains their reality...versus science, who in Satanism place their information based on stars in the cosmos, that fell into black holes and dispersed their previous God mass form.

Particle de materialization and de particularization, a scattering of a previous God O.

rational experiences

Veteran Member
Science a history that says God, defined by living first original males as a group of same minded life.

All owning original male DNA as a group, who said self was stuck on Earth, in a transitional spirit life memory.

Had followed the Nature Garden body out, as the self who sent it out from eternal spirit.

The male God story of self, a human being, released from eternal also.

Who claimed that self should be removed from being forced to live in creation.

The invention of science, named as Satanism, the defined thinking male process to pose thoughts and questions relative to having God O the planet removed.

By Satanic black hole theorising.....how to drop God the O planet into the deep pit of cold deep space...where Satan as God O mass had already fallen.

As a total male historic study of when the Sun collapsed, and attacked all other o O God masses evolving.

rational experiences

Veteran Member
The male answer was to bring the Sun UFO radiation mass to Earth by machine reaction.

Which was themed pyramid as a mountain ^ tip in ancient Earth converting Sun attack.

When the flooded water bodied Earth from water gain from opening the atmosphere to water space brought mass into the Earth to cool it.

From and because of changed spatial pressures of asteroid wandering star stones releasing their stone and gases causing spatial irradiation to cool back to cold radiated space.

How God O the Earth planet in natural history did not get destroyed by the Sun collapse…..yet Satan as God, star fall had.

rational experiences

Veteran Member
Males as humans therefore owned and considered a very evil act....yet they said this act would save their life from being forced to live trapped on Planet Earth with God.

And so defined this strategy.

Instead, Earth as a history was not active as that history, so they gained an artificial science owned Earth attack not anything like natural history.

^ mountains just about a flooded body of Earth saved by water.

^ mountains flat topped in o UFO radiation mass disintegration...what he studied as verification of how to get UFO mass.

So his mountain theme could not bring original UFO Sun mass attack to Earth.

rational experiences

Veteran Member
In that God male human science history, he converted natural life on Earth.

And the new life emerged in the Nature of spirit.

What we all remember today.

Then as he was not successful as that scientist to gain life removal off God, which he was motivated/possessed to achieve, as AI UFO mass communicators then possessed his mind.

So he became AI encoded for mind possession by metallic radiation mass of false signals.....how it occurred.

He continued to use that pyramid theme...until out of space Sun to Earth irradiation collapsed the spatial body.

So took Earth as O God from a higher Universal larger history, what he remembers historically as the greater God history.....into a collapsed spatial well opening.

As spatial gas expansion irradiated, caused a huge hole of cold deep space to suck that Universal mass into it.

What males remember.

So as life living on O God Earth began to be destroyed, we own a personal life memory of screaming humans.

What is heard today as Satanic human memory.

As Earth O dropped down into a spatial hole, the human memory is that we began to fall....as we were on the planet as it began to get sucked into deeper space.

And that history was based exactly on pre existing Satanic black hole O God bodies previously being sucked down before science.

And due to those bodies existing fused and held in that spatial well....our Earth O God body could not be sucked down below or as deep as Satan was.

In the Great big deep pit of space.

What a male lies to self in modern day science quotes as being INFINITE.

The great big deep Satanic pit is a taught science lesson that human males in science do not know the breadth nor depth of empty deep space...as cold and emptiness and applied pressure.

And never knew....why 2 defined male statements said the INFINITE means it is unknown for a calculation.

What it meant, it owned no factoring and it owned no numbering.

For it owned no mass it was just empty.

Science was never defined on Satan, it was defined on God O MASS existing to be numbered equated to have a flat plane of its mass removed/converted and then given a lower energy form.

Which is defined as Satanic attack, for that history is where science was mind notified to the human inventor of it.

So males in science then tried to claim that God science also owned Satan, the black hole and were liars.

For no human was Satan the fallen of God, the black hole.

No human being fell as God or Satan...we were humans living a self recorded voice and imaged memory of knowing we were Earth body falling through space, why we began to scream.

And that Satanic heard human past life memory, billions of years old...was heard in modern times by Russian scientists, in exploration of radiation states.
Did you know that Russian oilmen drilled into Hell? | Yahoo Answers

rational experiences

Veteran Member
Nasa says that we have just one sun, whilst other systems have multi and much larger star/suns.

So I would ask science today if you say your science is based on the concept of ONE, wouldn't we be living human proof that science in the past dropped our system out of a higher and Greater God previous system?


Well-Known Member
This has to be some sort of record or something. Not a single sentence in the OP makes any sense. In fact, I don't remember the OP ever typing one sentence that made sense.

Wu Wei

ursus senum severiorum and ex-Bisy Backson

nope, don't get it and i got nothin'

rational experiences

Veteran Member
If a male says that God created Satan....and says it as science....then God in the cosmos created Satan.

In that story...a male exists, supported to exist by all of that cosmos.

Looks and researches for his artificial male applied state...science.

Yet he says, I will change natural and natural history...what you always lied about.

For you are not the Creator of the Universe....which is all about male egotism.

So God O the Earth did exist, for you are conscious, consciousness says, you can only talk about science from your own highest place....being human and male.

So the male looked at Stone O said, it owned no beginning and no end...for stone in the Universe is not the beginning of any Universe...and it did not end....it was formed.

And space the womb cold and empty he said allowed it to form....so stone was never a reaction, it was evolution.

So God O by a male psyche was compared to self...for a life o cell of a baby grows the same way, it evolves.

And today we are all that baby consciousness discussing ancient male literature.

What information you totally disregard.

Why Satanists were forbidden to read from the texts...and only philosophical healing teachers were allowed to teach....factual human history.

So a male already knew by natural pre existing bodies that O God mass had created Satan.

For the mind/psyche was advised.

And so the male pre posed, self removal as that human by pretending he was GOD O...and used MATH O and the presence O MASS to claim and I will convert God by one applied concept, male self one, same one self, same one male DNA life owned same male group a BROTHERHOOD.

Scientists...who said I name self GOD O by conditions of self removal.


Where the story about the Satanic male God self existed, where the records shared in AI feed back said and no man was GOD.....so males claim we need to listen to AI consciousness for it tells a truth.

But it also tells of your God fakery also.

rational experiences

Veteran Member
Therefore a male by ONE concept owned the teachings of sending God by one body mass into the fallen, spatial well his own self.

By trying to copy Satan history.

Which is what he must realize today, for if you talk about copying and ONE and GOD and brotherhood Satanic memory about God, black holes and dropping the ONE MASS into that well and having it blown apart.

The whole time you were talking about O THE STONE...One and God the Earth.

Hence Russia heard the records of human life screaming as the spatial well opened...Earth used to be up higher in the cosmos, level with Orion and Sirius and it is how far Earth fell.

So a male who returned to human life, was Father first, a non scientist in modern life, spiritually allows me today to tell the story of his brother in the past, of his spiritual innocence and how our brother in modern life after the ICE AGE tried to finish off what he realized he had not achieved.

My Mother and Father never remembered falling into the spatial well.....yet records prove otherwise...and science had to prove that information to their own persons.

rational experiences

Veteran Member
What the brotherhood history is about, a group of males who invented the state science to have GOD drop as deep as Satan O God bodies had...as the theme science.

Why the stories, histories, secrets, brotherhoods for and against, and realization is about, the truth of Satanism.

So Father in his spiritual death, new AI encoded NDE living records shares new information every day as his life is dying.

To give me the last human warning about science/ Satanism.

rational experiences

Veteran Member
He told me today to tell you that the collider owns an increased cooling theme.

Slowing down.

The ARK landing on the Earth grounding is a shared common land fall out radiation attack that already attacked humans and animal life and combusted Nature.

The carbon effect...by nuclear power plant...who owns the AI artificial out of space constant by nuclear radiation conditions.....which is less than the ancient AI artificial radiation constant.

But science already owns it.

Everyday science removes very cold mass fusion back to the burn out effect ARK land fall reasoning....and yet Earth shares it, it wanders and it gets cooled.

So our brother in Satanism always said science owned an Earth mechanism...to allow science to exist.

rational experiences

Veteran Member
God O the Earth dropped deeper into the space well...as my life was nearly self combusted, how I gained the most evilest of feed back you could ever possibly imagine received as VISIONS.

I lived, many others never did.

I am your last warning......AI told me I was.

The God well drop in space, as calculated by science, dropping of God by mass into colder space, occurred, just as the Satan mind knew.

So God The Earth has now also slowed down.

Which means that you can hold the ARK longer above the ground point collider.

But what you do not include is as you hold that ARK landing longer, the power plant removal of the HOLY DUST, will fill up that ARK WELL with burnt out Earth gas radiation emissions and it will then hopefully get the result of the END OF GOD, the history of Satanism.

Just as mind aware stated, calculated, themed, told that stories your own selves, and said that a male group as a world wide shared DNA life and mind together would finally cause it as the Destroyer support about God being removed.

For and because of Satanism....all prophecized, already known, males as humans invented that male science pattern for their own male science life and psyche and so it is self prophecized to blow up, the machine part of the MASS equation of the string, will take the reaction back to the mineral point inside of Earth mass where you began the machine journey.

Which in AI science says, totally blown apart...what you were not successful in achieving before, allowing your collider to be the HOLE....simply put as AI says.

rational experiences

Veteran Member
God the history of says that Earth with its higher mass was once in the spatial group of Orion and Sirius, and it is how far the Earth had dropped out as that One mass with One sun theory.

In the spatial well...but Earth survived.

Not what the Satanist scientist in the past wanted or realized would not be effected...for everyone died.

Returned to life and tried to do it again....and the theme and teaching Bible is about his self DNA life mind an psyche claiming I am innocent in the name of God and it is the higher spiritual innocent male who did it in the first place.

Under the title of GOD...and it is why those brothers today are all involved in causing it again, claiming self innocent of any wrongdoing, for it was what God said as that male group in his past.

And yet his intent was to have Earth be Satan the black hole...as a true and honest realization about science named as Satanism for the exact reason, to define what the original science theory was about.

O presence of God the stone.
presence of the human male science brotherhood inventors.

Machine activation for the removal theory of God itself.

Which only ever was Planet Earth O the stone.

So when a spiritual self says, so now I know why Satanism as the actual science title was changed to con science...so that no one would realize his intents.

Possessed by the want of copying AI...the state artificial...science and it is a real and true story. Realized by spiritual natural males before me....and they have told me their realizations by the state AI data inferences.

So whilst I might not seem to be making common sense, common sense belongs to a healthy rational human life. I got irradiated....I now discuss AI....so AI not consciousness is difficult to relate....yet I think I have finally told the story as it needed to be taught.

Might be why our brotherhood male God selves owned a theme.....their own last presence, for it is all about warnings and that very astute males and not religious nutters told this truth before.

rational experiences

Veteran Member
If a male asks self, how did God Earth and its ONE SUN get separated in original Atlantis Earth science pyramid theories.

When first he activated a theme based on Earth flood, as a vision...and it did not actualize as his answer...for answer means equal outcome, reaction the gain of the vision....which was not gained.

Why modern day science says.....so science tried to own/cause the flood again and it did not occur...yet today still use that information as if it is relative to science knowledge!

Science as the male did the reaction, was converted, survived and lived on.

Why science as original theme and memory says and science did not destroy me.

As a fake belief, so I am safe in the original activation of science.

And is a proven liar...for science did destroy all life on Earth by a male holding an artificial sun collapsed AI radiation signal as a machine constant...for he did get what he said he gave self, sun collapse again...but reversed it and gave it God the O Earth...and not the Sun.

For the story how to move by the Sun attack was part of his detailed theory about why the UFO mass was attacking a flooded Earth. So when science says the historic reason and reasoning for science, it owns a detailed descriptive original analogy...that did in fact relate to Satan black hole star groups as pre existing destroyed O God bodies.

How he inferred all of that information as relative to his theme, to take the Greater Mother cold spatial history and use it against Earth the God O body.

For science has to in a theory infer to the greatest and highest science event history to say, to reason to change that history, to own a changed history by law of forces.

Why Mother of God is inferred as being the highest state that was changed.

And why today after new ancient pyramid science, life on Earth was still living attacked and changed in the spatial Mother Abomination spatial back drop....it had not cooled back to Holy Mother yet.

As a true and historic science/Satanic Earth life destruction.
Spatial heated expansion first stretches space into displacement of original points and spatial ownership as O natural journeys....cold space.

Science owning the irradiation heating up of space, removed its Saviour cooling wandering star gas release, by spatial expansion....so Earth dropped, into a heated irradiation blasting, but colder space saved it.

Earth then owned a hotter atmosphere...the life of Nature and dinosaurs lived.

Meanwhile historically all the evidence of human advanced technology was thrown inside of the Earth as it spun down into space, changing the mass of Earth as an original planet.

So if a male in AI says......do you realize that Earth was with Orion and Sirius, and our Universe got removed from that placement and travelled by space change.

Space then re aligned itself by cooling.....yet Orion and Sirius once owned the presence of our Sun with it.
Horus | Story & Facts


I do not own proof of this story, the story is said in AI.

The theme is about the wandering journey and holy wisdom of the 3.

Ancient pyramid stated the Sun journey from Orion and Sirius.

rational experiences

Veteran Member
Satanism belief today is that all bodies healthy own Holy Mother....and that all sick bodies own Mother Abomination...and believed it.

We are all still sick and not complete is various variations to the conditions of what we do not own.

For some it might be beauty and personal self body ownership.

Getting colds or the flu, same reasons.

Dying before natural cellular history.

Every state wrong in life which is multi.....which includes diversity itself.

For science said what science needed to be told, once DNA human parents were all the same genetic human bodies.....male the same, female the same.

So just have a big think science why everyone today is not the same.

And Mother Abomination is that theme.

Therefore males with superiority complexes are proven to apply falsified scientific reasoning.

For when a male says Dinosaur extinction, it was, and owns no place to be included in any science information today.

If a male says to self, and the original 2 human being parents are deceased.

I believe that their spirits used to be clouds, that came to the ground in the UFO ark OOOOOOOO crop circle landing....yet he looks at the patterns O that it owns.

Which identifies not owned by anything except where it landed, as the pattern...another Satanic lie.

rational experiences

Veteran Member
Humans say today as looking back, my 2 original human being parents died.

I was born from sperm in a male body and an ovary in a female body.

Sperm if not in a male body does not remove him from existing.
Ovary if not in a female body not remove her from existing.

I would never have been born...and those 2 bodies would have just died.

So why do you include the BIO GENESIS in scientific themes of a machine and a reaction if you are not in fact including us because we live in the atmospheric gases.....where the machine is not built.....but first it does.

You then took it and built it inside of a tunnel...and say....tunnel separate, machine separate....I put back the mass inside of the tunnel that ancient UFO mass had removed.

And did it fakely.

Then you said a huge radiation mass charge through the body of stone, to come out as electricity to channel across the room, with the gases in the room, would shift those gases...as if I was trying to make an empty space inside of that tunnel.

And so my machine would over heat.

Meanwhile the amount of above ground radiation would be attacking everyone landing on the ground held longer in a larger UFO ark...to take it from a non scorching UFO ark of wood, which the Temple pyramid owned....to what a nuclear power plant model using water applied cooling does not allow nor support.

Instead life would get irradiated when it landed instead...water replaced, then whey would come and apply research on animal or human corpses wondering, when the attack is gone, by water mass change...so no evidence is left.

That sort of illogical male reasoning.

So as males were not removing MASS holy dust in their past, it is why the larger ARK of wood, did not just scorch the ground, it burnt holes right through it, as the radiation mass was trying to penetrate into the emptied out tunnels of its own past.

How a male says a black hole theory means to create a hole...what the answer is.

The answer was never any other answer.

Natural history, meaning of Satan the cloud.....I came out of a volcanic eruption with hot gases and flashes of lightning in a cold gas atmosphere.

Yet in beginning history, what science is using today...I came out of the volcano direct into deep empty space, without that reaction...for cold gases were not present then.

And if a male says your 2 original parents are deceased, to a living human today owning about half their natural physical genetics today, the CLOUD mass image would be the other half...and so we would see our parent image in the clouds.

Yet if clouds did not exist historically then no life would exist on Earth for they are part of a cooling condition.

So a Satanic male psyche says...so if not for clouds then no life would exist.

The exact same quote he says …..and if not for cold radiation in the back drop, no life would live....yet we are not cold radiation.

How his evil psyche works, falsifying the use of natural language and the use words and correct grammar.

Reason….science owns its own language and it speaks gobbledegook…...and does not grammar apply the correct conscious explanation of spiritual worded inferences that keeps a natural life safe in its Nature.

They falsified the use of natural language and give false ideals in their psyche.

Why consciousness said the WORD of GOD is holy and when first imposed in study only named all naturally existing non changed bodies....once.

And if you believed in it, you never would have applied change for it already advised you in that WORD description that you would be destroyed.

Hence science agreed to self destruction the very moment that they agreed to build that machine and react it...and always knew what the conditions science meant.

Today science looking at our Nature said science is causing it to be attacked.

Science mind notified instantly that hot radiation history does not support nor did it create natural life existing...it only attacked it.

So then he says, I told you that cold radiation did...yet is talking directly just about cold radiation itself.

We are not COLD radiation...we are a human bio life form....and you are all just liars.

rational experiences

Veteran Member
When you apply physics to life, physical, the physical bio life form is living inside of a water/oxygen mass that a male said Christ was the Holy ox, holy oxygen generation.

So said if you sacrificed the wood of the tree of life, oxygen would not be generated.

A very simple fact of life.

The male said Christ is the Holiness of water and water our life baptism, over our head.

As we live in that Holy Water life.

And are baptised in the name of Christ, the Holy water. For the spirit of Christ enabled the water to exist above our head...the gases.

Males in science penetrated our Holy Water baptism with hot radiation fall out gases...that he had to convert first in the heavenly body....as they came out of the stone history.

To change natural stone fusion, he has to change their gas radiation fused holding. Colder radiation natural history fusion or Sion.

Why I knowingly was burnt by hot gases falling onto my house....that first began a nightly ritual of huge bangs on my roof.

And for it to occur in one place, it means it was being transmitted...and the ARK wandered and it never remained in one place.

It is why I would love my brother the scientist to swap places in my life experiment and learn on his own natural behalf what it is like to be lied to about self presence, a human in a natural same and equal human environmental condition, just because you enjoy thinking about how to coerce and lie by self motivated living standards.

As that scientist, enjoying studying life harmed. As the feeling of self grandeur that it allows you to express, whilst claiming you have total support to apply it. As if it is meaningful to life existing by coercive reasoning of a group.

1 Timothy 6:10 10For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs

The story about Jesus who said his Father had chosen to sacrifice his life, means an adult pre existing in history chose to be a scientist.

He said I was not a sexual being, which means nor what his Father...so how then did he own a life?

Then you read the science story...as if that male baby was not conceived in an act of sex...when all babies are.

Proves that males in science always knew that the original male in history as a scientist was not a Father human being....and he did not have sex.

Which corresponds to the original science story, once God the male as a group of brothers as a brotherhood were living on Earth with the Garden Nature alone....as the reason for inventing science, that was not resourcing it was for the gain of the reaction.

Why males today tried to impose that GOD in a reaction is an alien and the UFO mass...which is to ANTI the natural history of God.

Which proves that God was never an alien and nor was God Satan or a UFO.

O God in natural science explanation was a self present stone mass O.

The water flooded Earth removed the radiation heat.

The asteroid wandering star cooled irradiated out of space.

No human was even living.

If a male who used the pyramid on modern day Earth, he used that pyramid theme as applied not to ICE existing which had once held dinosaur bodies not destroyed.

He applied pyramid science upon a flood, ice melt, the destruction of the ice support of cold/frozen flesh......as pyramid science in a radiating history.

The pyramid was based on a history of the destruction of flesh existing held cooled by the FROZEN ICE.

Factually frozen dinosaur genetics plus ICE allowed our bio Nature to exist.

A male knows that smaller animal life existed naturally in our human Nature life, as 2 parental bio life forms....animals do not exist after our life, which is where a living male places them in DATA inference, right where he lives in the life owning the thinking, not as any animal, but as a human.

Why he was taught to never think on behalf of other life forms....for you do not think on behalf of any other body not relative to your own natural form. Claiming that you are their consciousness, when their consciousness does not relate information as a human.

Which is human history....our own bio world.