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Avicenna and Resurrection


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What do you think about Avicenna's statements regarding Physical Resurrection:

" Avicenna, in his treatise Adhaviyyeh, expresses his belief that physical resurrection is philosophically and logically impossible; therefore, when it cannot be justified though reason, we need to interpret Quranic verses and consider them as intelligible to sensible analogy. He brings up spiritual resurrection and considers resurrection joys and sufferings mentioned in Quran and Sunna allegorical and figurative, which are easier for common people to understand"

Source: http://en.journals.sid.ir/ViewPaper.aspx?ID=408821


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Avicenna(ra) had said that he, himself can not prove corporeal resurrection through the logic. He has not say that this issue never could be proven logically.
Also, he has said that because Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him and his AhlulBayt) has said that corporeal resurrection is true, we accept the saying of the reliable and truthfull Messenger(peace be upon him and his pure AhlulBayt).(see, Avicenna, Al-Shifa, the chapter which is about the resurrection)

Any way, Mulla Sadra(ra), a strong Islamic Philosopher, has said to Avicenna, in his book, Al-Asfar,

'Yes, this is not strange that a person like you(i.e., Avicenna) who has payed his life for the medicine and helping the rulers, can not understand such a precise philosophical issue(i.e., corporeal resurrection) and prove it.(see, Al-Asfar, vol 9)

Mulla Sadra then proves the corporeal resurrection through the logic.

Good luck!
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